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2015 in Review

Knowing that they may need to take a bullet in their effort to save an innocent, police officers went to work each day wearing their body armor
It will be several years before the full effects of Prop 47 are seen, but 2015 offers a good glimpse into the ramifications
Here are some selected examples of people who are with their families this Christmas because of the courage and decisive action of American police officers
Test yourself with our end-of-year news quiz
Despite the danger from ambushers, terrorists, and active shooters, the line holds. Despite the very few who take the wrong path, the line holds
From a half-nude banjo serenade to a “snorting wild boar,” cops were exposed to quite a bit of weirdness this year
From acts of incredible heroism to continued anti-police protests, the following slideshow captures a year in police headlines
From flashlights to backpacks, we’ve gathered up 10 must-have outdoor and tactical products for you
Although the end of 2015 is still a couple of weeks away, more than 100 officers have lost their lives in the line-of-duty this year — that is insanity