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2016 in Review

As we turn the page on 2016, take a look back at some of the year’s most heroic saves and other impactful moments in policing with features from our expert columnists and multimedia lists of the year’s top moments.

Jim and Doug discuss four things they identify as the biggest trends of the year
Spoiler alert: Despite an increase in violent crime in many cities, along with a rise in ambush attacks on police officers, 2016 was actually “The Year of the American Cop”
It seemed like Alameda County Sheriff’s Office PIO Ray Kelly was on the screen every time they turned on the television following the tragic Ghost Ship warehouse fire
The event that got national attention is just the highest-profile example of steps a Kan. chief has taken to facilitate discussion and build relationships with his community
We asked our Facebook and LinkedIn audiences what they’d like to see in the coming year
From patrol issues to alcohol blood tests to freedom of speech, the Court made some choices this year that will have a major effect on law enforcement operations
Although 2016 line of duty deaths related to gunfire are up more than 70 percent, it’s important to provide some context
While it sometimes may feel as if the world is against law enforcement, the truth is the vast majority of the public supports cops
From go-kart pursuits to creepy clowns, we’ve gathered 15 of the strangest stories 2016 had to offer
From dancing to pop hits to yelling at farm animals, check out these hilarious videos
What can sometimes get lost in the countless moments of bravery are the numerous small acts of kindness cops do every day