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2018 in Review

The role of SROs in school safety. The battle between ICE and local police agencies. The ongoing recruitment and retention crisis. From complex challenges to new technologies and innovations, 2018 was truly a banner year for law enforcement in the news.

As we turn the page on 2018, take a look back at the year in policing with features from our expert columnists and lists of the year’s top moments, sponsored by Cradlepoint.

From small acts of kindness to incredible moments of life-saving heroism, these 50 stories are just a small sample of the great work America’s finest put in every day
We asked our members how they would like to see their agency improve in the coming year
From active shooter response protocols to screening processes for new recruits, police leaders will face many challenges in the coming year
Criminal action, accidents and heart attacks continue to lead the list this year
From lip sync battles to policing the homeless to immigration enforcement, 2018 was a big year for issues in law enforcement
The wound treatment videos Joe Gomez watched on YouTube led to him saving a YouTube employee’s life
Officer Timothy Sterrett flat-lined on the operating table on November 8, 2017. He also, improbably, came back to life
Privacy protections under the Fourth Amendment remain a core concern to the U.S. Supreme Court
What challenges will law enforcement face in 2019?
Today’s police leaders are the fulcrum – the tipping point – in managing the increasing rate of change and complexity in the policing profession