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Alien Gear Holsters was launched in 2013 and has shipped millions of holsters to over 230 countries. The demand for our holsters has reached all corners or the world and is the driving force behind our effort to join the international market. We have armed international presidential security teams, foreign law enforcement agencies and gun carrying citizens around the world. With an ever-increasing demand internationally, we are looking to build strong relationships and distribution networks within the international market. Our products are the perfect fit for distribution, retail and uniform stores, and government tenders.

The development of our law enforcement and military offering, the Rapid Force Duty Holster System, has given us the ability to support all security and protection efforts and to supply law enforcement agencies and militaries with the world’s most unique, rugged, and customizable duty holster. Rapid Force Duty holsters are engineered to meet and exceed all requirements for law enforcement and military use. Launched with the highest levels of praise and approval, Rapid Force redefines the duty holster. We have successfully incorporated feedback from law enforcement and security force professionals to create a duty holster that is truly conducive to their needs.

Address: 4411 W Riverbend Ave.
Zip Code: 83854
Location: POST FALLS, Idaho
Main Phone Number: 208- 618-8300