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Read about a retired cop’s heroic final moments, a long awaited LODD recognition and more from this week’s news
A veteran cop shares gritty stories from the crime frontlines of Chi-Town
While officers were detaining the car’s driver, a passenger jumped into the driver’s seat and drove off, hitting two officers
Chicago Public Schools is seeking to remove the requirement that part-time security candidates “must have the legal authority to effectuate an arrest”
Aldermen are considering raising the mandatory retirement age from 63 to 65; the officer deployment study is required by the department’s consent decree
Defense attorneys had asked that officers who attend the trial of Officer Ella French’s suspected killer not wear their uniforms, citing concerns that a “sea of blue” might intimidate the jury
From January through November, there were about 4.7 violent crimes on the “L” for every million rides, down from 6.2 crimes per million rides during a similar period the year before
Parent company Conagra is calling on Slim Jim’s fan base, known as the “Long Boi Gang,” to report any sightings of Fast Meat to the LAPD
The teen was safely reunited with her mother, but that outcome required quick coordination between at least six law enforcement agencies in two states within 27 hours
The policy defines hate groups as organizations that use force for denying rights, promoting ideological goals or advocating illegal systemic prejudice