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A report written by the Surgeon General of the U.S. Air Force states, “wearing body armor impedes heat dissipation and increases heat strain, which has a measurable degrading effect on performance.” Heat stress can reduce mental performance; therefore, tasks that require attention to detail, concentration, and short-term memory may degrade from heat stress.

The BODY ARMOR VENT I.C.E. RFK is a paradigm shifting invention because, for the first time in the history of body armor, there is now continuous air flow between the plate carrier and the wet base layer, creating evaporative cooling. The RFK consists of two flexible, extremely lightweight, scientifically sculpted, fabric/foam panels which can easily be worn under all existing body armor. The air flow chimneys and horizontally punched holes throughout the panels allow air to flow south to north and circumferentially. The system is completely passive with the energy coming from the human diaphragm muscle. It dramatically amplifies and maintains continuous evaporative cooling: reducing heat stress, epidermal issues, and lowering physical discomfort by spreading out the weight load of body armor.

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