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5860 Trinity Pkwy, Suite 600
Centreville, VA 20120-1998
Phone: 800-990-2452

CARFAX for Police provides trusted insights and solutions that power law enforcement agencies to create better protected communities, and safer, more efficient agencies. The number one reason nearly 5,000 interoperable crime-fighting agencies across North America partner – for FREE – with CARFAX for Police is to solve crimes faster using the suite of Investigative Tools, powered by 26 billion records on world’s largest data vehicle history platform.

Interoperable network partners include National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, RISS Networks, Real-Time Crime and Fusion Centers, IAATI and IACP. In exchange for agency-provided accident data, partners get FREE access to the Investigative Tools and our suite of Traffic and Records solutions which save time, drive cost savings and revenue, and improve citizen-officer relationships. Learn more at  

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