InVeris Training Solutions

InVeris Training Solutions
296 Brogdon Road
Suwanee, GA 30024
Phone: 1-800-813-9046

About Us 

As the global leader in integrated live-fire and virtual weapons training, everything we do is in service of the people who keep us safe and secure. 

We proudly stand behind the bravest, best-trained men and women around the world – innovating comprehensive training solutions that prepare them to act at a moment’s notice; to protect the communities and countries we have pledged to serve. 

InVeris Training Solutions combines an agile approach with unmatched expertise in training technology. With our legacy companies, FATS® and Caswell, we design and deliver customized, cutting-edge, training solutions that stand the test of time. 

We operate across time zones: with nine offices on five continents, we work alongside the best, and best-trained colleagues in the world, now more than 300 strong. We know that when our customers are prepared - and their people are safe - we all stay safe. It is our responsibility - and our honor - to stand behind the bravest, best-trained men and women around the world. Because Seconds Matter™. 

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