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LOW DERMA™ Technology

LOW DERMA™ Technology
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LOW DERMA™ Protection Against Fentanyl nitrile gloves is with 510(K) granted by U.S. FDA. As exposure to Fentanyl may cause respiratory depression, cardiac arrest, and possibly death; our Technology gloves are tested with stringent ASTM D6978 against Fentanyl Citrate Solutions and Gastric Acid (exposure to vomit that may contain Fentanyl). The visual contrast enabled glove colours function as a primary risk indicator for glove change after the gloves are contaminated with drug powder that will possibly become airborne. LOW DERMA™ is now NFPA compliant.

Our Technology nitrile gloves are with no sulphur and chemical accelerators (Thiurams, Thiazoles & Carbamates) added into the glove formulation, eliminating the risk of Type I & reduces the risk of Type IV allergic reactions.

LOW DERMA™ Technology nitrile gloves provide better protection for first responders. 
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