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4555 Mansell Road, Suite 300
Alphretta, GA 30022
Phone: (770) 521-4366
Founded in 2002, Microception is a Video Information Systems company. Microception’s applications, products and services add a new visual dimension to information gathering and reporting systems by delivering high-quality video and audio linked to relevant data – Transforming Video Into Knowledge™.

Microception leverages in-house software development and video processing expertise with years of hands-on experience in Internet Protocal (IP) networking and video security to develop unique technology that combines custom Visual Understanding (VU) software applications with advanced network-based video management appliances and servers. The result is a series of cutting edge intelligent, decision-based Video Information Systems that capture, process, store and manage digital video and associated data – empowering organizations to not only SEE what they’re missing, but ACT on that knowledge to: improve performance, lower cost, reduce risk, and increase security.

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