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Omnigo’s broad array of public safety technology solutions include:

  • CAD, RMS, and Jail Management
  • Physical and digital evidence management (including redaction), asset and inventory management, and forensic laboratory management
  • Incident and event planning and response, as well as CAD continuity

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Incident Planning and Response Management

Omnigo’s incident management solution helps agencies with pre-planning, response management, and resource deployment in any public safety situation. It provides full command and control functionality to consolidate information, coordinate assets, and act quickly.

  • Intuitive and scalable to any situation, from day-to-day incidents to large-scale, multi-agency responses
  • No special hardware or IT knowledge required for setup and can turn any desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone into a digital command board
  • A secure, cloud-based system

Digital and Physical Evidence Management

At Omnigo, we understand that managing evidence is just as critical as gathering it. Our evidence management system is designed to collect and manage all physical and digital evidence in one centralized digital ecosystem, ensuring the proper handling of evidence through an unbroken chain of custody.

  • Securely manage vital evidence such as digital images, videos, audio recordings, and evidentiary documents, along with optional tools to process the evidence for analysis and presentation in court
  • From capture to disposition, ensure the proper handling of evidence through an unbroken chain of custody that is always in the hands of sworn individuals
  • Cloud-based police mobile app to quickly capture all evidence at the scene

Records Management System

Omnigo offers the functionality you need in an RMS solution, at a cost you can afford, so your officers can focus on what’s important—protecting and serving—without the administrative hassle.

  • Streamline report writing, review, and approval, and gain access to insights that enable better-informed decisions
  • Provide valuable functionality to officers in the field with quick access to critical information and seamless information sharing
  • Automated data analysis for insight into crime trends

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