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21940 Minnetonka Boulevard
Excelsior, MN 55331
Phone: (952) 470-8830 x 133

Orion Safety Products is the world’s leading manufacturer of flares and other emergency signaling devices. Whether you’re a supplier looking to stock the world’s most comprehensive line of safety and signaling products … or a first responder seeking information on how emergency signaling devices save lives… you’ve come to the right place! We’ve been making flares for nearly a century and all of our flare products are made in the USA under the strictest quality and safety guidelines. When used in conjunction with light bars, Orion flares increase your safety zone by incrementally (i) reducing the speed of passing traffic an additional 5.1% and (ii) causing an additional 5.3% of passing traffic to change lanes (95.7% of vehicles and 98% of trucks change lanes).

Safer, easier to use and store, and better for the environment, Orion flares eliminate potassium perchlorate, which means no chemical contaminants left on the roadside after burning out. The easy-light cap has no loose red phosphorous, which minimizes sparking and splatter and these eco-friendly flares are safer to store since there is no flaking red phosphorous in the boxes. For more info on this or any of our other safety products, visit: www.orionsignals.com.

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