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Rigaku Analytical Devices
30 Upton Drive, Suite #2
Wilmington, MA 01887
Phone: +1 781-328-1024

Founded in 2011 in response to a growing need for more rugged and technologically advanced mobile and handheld spectroscopic analyzers, Rigaku Analytical Devices is a leading innovator of solutions for use in the protection of public health and safety and aid in the advancement of scientific and academic study. Several members joined Rigaku Analytical Devices after spending critical roles developing analytical equipment currently used by law enforcement, customs and border protection, first responders, military and others.

The company is based in the United States in Wilmington, Massachusetts just outside of Boston. Rigaku Analytical Devices’ products are manufactured at this1395 sq. meter state-of-art ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.

Notably, Rigaku’s 1064nm Raman technology allows for the identification of the largest number of truly unknown substances contained within clear and translucent packaging, better protecting operators from potential exposure to toxic substances. Utilization of 1064nm Raman is proven to more accurately identify the chemical’s true spectral fingerprint, expanding identification/detection to include colored or degraded substances and colored substances within colored packaging and bottles, without fluorescence interference. It is non-contact and non-destructive, with little to no sample preparation or consumables required.

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