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Vector Defensive Systems
Boston, MA 02129
Phone: 239.281.8669

The Vector Protective Barrier is a maneuverable, lightweight, single-arm-secured ballistic de-escalation barrier that stores in the front of a patrol vehicle next to an officer. The Vector immediately stops attacks on the head, neck, and upper chest of an officer. It is specially designed to protect both officer and citizen by placing a safety barrier between them, giving the officer extra seconds to assess a situation and time to transition to a less-lethal force option while protected.

Vector Safety Focused De-Escalation Training then allows that officer to de-escalate violence, when possible, but still remain protected. Our company provides the most comprehensive training curriculum in the industry, including training on de-escalation, emotionally distressed person (EDP) response, and active shooter training.

The Vector was invented and patented by a Special Forces Green Beret medic (18D). Vector’s tactics come from his knowledge of tactical medicine combined with “lessons learned” in the field by officers who have been attacked and have provided invaluable insight for Vector’s training program. 

The Vector Provides: 

· NIJ Level III ballistic protection  

· Officers saved. Civilians protected. Attackers arrested. No shots fired.  

· A protective barrier, not a weapon

· Training 

· Less use of lethal force means fewer injuries and fewer lawsuits 

· Vector National Responder Alert Autism Awareness Program 

We service US Border Patrol SOG, the US Marshal Service, the MADOC, the MA State Police, MA Port Authority, the CT State Police and the Oregon DOJ, plus a myriad of local departments across the country, including Boston PD, and SRO’s, including Brandeis University and UNC Chapel Hill Hospitals Police. 

Please email for an electronic demo. 

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