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The Vitals App

The Vitals App
Minneapolis, MN 68434

Vitals™ Aware Services, is a Twin Cities-based company building technology for social good. Founded in partnership with the Autism Society of Minnesota, Vitals™ launched in August of 2017 in St. Paul. It has expanded to many cities throughout the state with plans to launch in areas all across the country in 2019. 

We started this company by connecting with various non-profits, families, caregivers and first responders throughout Minnesota. We learned about the challenges that parents and caregivers of individuals with special needs and various conditions face, and decided to work on solutions to solve some of their biggest challenges and concerns, one being the ability for individuals to communicate effectively when in times of crisis or escalation. When talking to first responders, we learned that their biggest concern was the lack of accessible and timely information during critical moments. Our solution is to use technology to bridge this gap of communication to both first responders and individuals in times of crisis.

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