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Aware powered by GlobalFlyte gives you revolutionary capabilities to enhance your incident management and response and GIVES YOU CLARITY FROM CHAOS

Aware, built by first responders for first responders, supports your mission of saving lives, minimizing property loss and protecting first responders.

Aware is:

• Cost-Effective
• Easy to Deploy
• Mobile
• Scalable
• User-Friendly
• CAD System Neutral
• Secure

Aware is a suite of technologies that, when combined, build a robust common operating picture for any type of incident response and for special events. Aware cuts radio clutter by offering real-time transcription of radio talk groups, reducing the need for repeated communication. Everyone with access and associated with the incident can see the radio transmission and read it – on any device (MDT, tablet, computer and cell phone).

Location is key! Aware gives you the exact location of any unit responding to the scene. Units responding, using our patented smartphone application, can provide photos and videos of the scene as they are arriving. This mapping feature can be viewed on any device.

We worked with leading Air Force Scientists to build our ground-breaking communication and radio transcription technology. Our team then integrated this communication technology with commercially developed mapping and imaging products and our patented smartphone application to present a comprehensive incident command and management solution – AWARE by GlobalFlyte.

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