Remember agility, endurance, balance, and footwork

If you’re like most officers who exercise (and hopefully you are), you participate in some kind of health and strength-enhancing regimen. As a part of that, are you training to improve your agility, endurance, balance, and footwork?

When working out, consider adding exercise drills that will enhance your ability to run and keep your balance on uneven surfaces, run for relatively long distances, effectively explode into a short-distance, high-speed sprint, jump over obstacles you might encounter in a foot pursuit, return to your feet quickly and solidly after falling, etc. Remember that it’s important to execute these drills in duty gear and footwear, not just athletic clothes.

If you watch athletes train, you’ll see them working on things like side-step drills, high knees, and back peddling and they’ll focus on breathing techniques that will enhance their endurance and performance. You should be doing the same thing. For ideas on specific exercises you can use, be sure to watch the fitness tip clips from trainer James DiNaso on P1TV or consult with your agency’s fitness gurus or you can even reach out to local sports trainers.

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