Texas PD trailblazers for on-duty workout policy

Every officer passes their fitness test every six months, and more agencies are adopting the policy

By Police1 Staff

LAKEWAY, Texas — Three years ago the Lakeway police captain instated a requirement that all officers must work out for up to an hour during their 12-hour shifts – and it’s a policy that’s both paid off and caught on.

According to KVUE, dozens of other agencies have followed in their footsteps, and every Lakeway officer continues to pass a fitness test every six months.

"Sweat now, so you don't bleed later. I think that's, uh, our chief's favorite," said Capt. Ken Farr, who’s one of two certified cross-fit trainers in the department.

"We have an assortment of equipment. We're fortunate to be next to a hike and bike trail, so we have guys that will utilize that at times," he said. The Lakewood Police Foundation funded $75,000 towards what is now the department’s gym, located behind the station.

The bi-annual fitness standard test that officers must take includes a times 200-meter row, according to the report.

"One of the greatest threats to officer safety is heart disease, so we're trying to do what we can to address that component of officer safety," Farr said.

"You'll see a drop in workman's comp claims, you'll see a less use of sick time, you'll see a better producing employee," said Chief Todd Radford, who is also a certified personal trainer, and often hits the gym with his fellow officers. 

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