Va. cops decompress in 'quiet rooms'

The quiet rooms are furnished with recliners, futons and televisions

By Police1 Staff

HAMPTON, Va. — To help officers decompress and refocus on the job, the Hampton Police Department has created “quiet rooms” in the city. 

Sgt. Matt Bond told 13News Now he got idea from a Nevada police department. The rooms provide a quiet space for them to relax while on-duty. 

“There is another department that's currently out in Las Vegas that’s using the same tactic, and they've had great success with it,” Bond said.

The rooms are furnished with recliners, futons and televisions. Only one officer can use a room at a time and they may only use it during their lunch break. 

“For the designated amount of time, they can come in, take their belt off, turn their radio off, close the door, turn off the lights, and just get some rest,” Crp. Reggie Williams told the news station. “Sometimes people would just elect to come in here and eat, or come in here and quietly meditate.”

Officers must contact their supervisor and indicate they are using the quiet room. If their radio is turned off, the officer’s phone must be nearby. 

Bond said that the rooms will help officers refocus, decompress and relax. Their hope is that it will reduce fatigue and help officers have a clearer mind on duty. 

“Eighty percent of decision-making errors and accidents in police work are a result of fatigue, so that’s something we took into account when we came up with this idea,” Bond said.

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