What LE leaders need to know about officer stress

Agencies must embrace a "preventive maintenance” approach to the health and wellness of officers

As part of a National Institute of Justice seminar, Protecting Against Stress & Trauma: Research Lessons for Law Enforcement, law enforcement practitioners and leading researchers in the field of stress discussed current research evidence and practical benefits of targeted stress-management interventions and how they can promote officer mental wellness.

In this video, seminar speakers John Violanti, research professor at University at Buffalo’s School of Public Health and Health Professions; Wendy Stiver, major at the Dayton (Ohio) Police Department; and Dan Grupe, associate scientist at University of Wisconsin’s Center for Healthy Minds discuss what they believe law enforcement police leaders should focus on when dealing with officer health and wellness. This includes identifying trauma and warning signs for suicide, utilizing a “preventive maintenance” approach to the health and wellness of officers, and finding ways that can help officers deal with everyday stressors.

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