Top 14 funniest police Vine videos

Rest in peace, Vine

Vine, for those who haven’t heard of it, was a video-sharing app designed for users to film short, 6-second videos with their phones, quickly stitch the shots together and upload.

The videos, more like little sketches, then play back on a loop. The results can be hilarious.

We’ve compiled the 14 best police Vines, from a few of the most hilarious Cop Viners out there.

1) When You Catch Them in the Act. - Officer Daniels

2) When You Don’t Like Their Smart Ass Answer. - Officer Daniels

3) When You Let This One Slide. - Officer Daniels

4) When You Know They’re Lying. - Mike the Cop

5) When "If It’s Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right." - Officer Daniels

6) What Happens After Polishing Your Boots. - Officer Daniels

7) When You Give a Warning. - Mike the Cop

8) That Awkward Moment When You Lock Yourself Out. - Officer Daniels

9) When You Spend too Much Time Alone in the Squad Car. - Mike the Cop

10) When Your Interrogation Tactics Go Rogue. - Mike the Cop

11) When Parents Ask You to Scare Their Kids. - Mike the Cop

12) When It’s Just You and Leo. - Mike the Cop

13) When The Perp Doesn’t Appreciate Your Comedy. - Mike the Cop

14) When You Catch Someone Smoking Crack. - Officer Daniels

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