NYPD sergeants claim 'widespread cheating' on lieutenants' exams

Internet message boards revealed officers may have cheated on several tests

By Police1 Staff

NEW YORK — Internet message boards may have revealed multiple officers cheated on lieutenants exams, New York Daily News reported.

The forum revealed officers discussing specific questions on the 2011 test, giving those taking a makeup test an inside scoop. The board was used as evidence in a lawsuit filed by nine NYPD sergeants that alleges widespread cheating on last year’s exam.

The 2011 posts occurred before officers who were unable to take the first Oct. 30 exam attended a Nov. 15 makeup exam. Other officers posted full lists of questions and hundreds of answers that were cross-referenced with other test takers.

Records of exam results obtained by the publication showed the initial passing rate as 29 percent versus the 65 percent who passed the makeup version.

Passing rates on the 2015 exam spurred a lawsuit as the passing rates varied tremendously from one exam to another -- 6.8 percent for the initial and 48 percent for the makeup.

A spokesperson would not confirm there was also an internal investigation into the 2011 test.

“The NYPD has been conducting an internal review into issues relating to the 2015 lieutenants promotional examination,” the spokesperson said to the publication.

Several promotions were put on hold after the lawsuit. 

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