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Career development isn’t just about preparing for promotional exams to advance your police career. It also means you’re continually striving to become a better officer and leader. Plus, your goals may look different depending on where you’re currently at in your career path.  

That’s why we’ve compiled an extensive list of downloadable assets so officers and leaders can share valuable career-building resources. This list of resources, including information about how to become the best supervisor you can be, prioritize officer health and safety, and navigate the transition to a new police leader role, will help you build your own personal leadership library.

Click here to share our resource page with your department and email us at editor@police1.com if you have suggestions for future career-building content. 

Stay safe, 

— The Police1 Team
5 things to know about police consultants
By Sarah Calams 
A police consultant audits and analyzes a department to help improve its overall performance and efficiency
A day in the life of a police recruitment and academy director
By Kate Kimble 
Meet Lieutenant Jackie Pearson, a 26-year officer and resilience instructor at Fort Collins Police Services in Colorado
The eyes don't lie, and new technology shows why
By Policing Matters 
EyeDetect is an eye scanning device used much the same way that a polygraph measures physical responses during an interview or interrogation
Career development in public safety agencies
By Rex M. Scism  
Agencies must review career development processes and programs to ensure they have a positive impact on job satisfaction and professional development
Building better officers: The importance of progression plans and rotational assignments
By Mike Walker 
A formal plan that allows officers to grow and develop new skill sets will pay back dividends to your officers, your agency and your community
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