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The arrest of the Golden State Killer in April through the use of DNA evidence and a genealogy website has put a spotlight on how DNA technologies are changing police investigations. In this month’s Investigations eNewsletter, we take a look at the history and future of using DNA in investigations.

We also highlight a new report that provides valuable insights into portable drug testing devices, and review the latest policy updates for eyewitness identification procedures.
The Police1 Team
Make the Most of Your Time
Let Machine Learning do the mundane, time-consuming tasks of sorting through the sea of data so you can focus on investigating the most promising leads.
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Legal and scientific trends influencing eyewitness identification procedures
By Val Van Brocklin, P1 Columnist
Get with the changing trends or risk having your eyewitness identification suppressed, or a conviction based on such identification reversed.
The Braithwaite test
FTCoE report provides insights, info on portable drug testing devices
By Becky Lewis, TechBeat Magazine
The opioid crisis and the rise in novel psychoactive substances (NPSs) hitting the street was the impetus for developing this particular landscape study.
Side-by-side comparisons
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