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Google the term "to-do list" and a plethora of productivity hacks will pop up, but deciding what tasks to add to the list is down to you. We've saved you the effort by creating this Police1 Leadership To-Do List: You're welcome!

Stay safe,

— The Police1 Team
5 lessons for police leaders who want to make a difference
By Chief Dean Esserman (Ret.) 
Trust and respect are earned with time and effort, not the stars on your collar
Book review: What law enforcement leaders can learn from ‘Halsey's Typhoon'
By Matt Heins 
A long-forgotten event demonstrates how a complex and rapidly changing tragedy draws on experience, teamwork, commitment and fortitude
Reading recommendations on risk management: 3 books to add to your August reading list
By Gordon Graham  
Checklists and reporting systems are key steps to reducing risk in all professions, including law enforcement
Download This Police1 Armored Vehicles Buying Guide
This Police1 How to Buy Armored Vehicles Guide is a starting point for the several months or more long procurement process.
Get the guide
Building an early intervention system: Lessons learned from the Yonkers Police Department
By Lieutenant Jared Singer 
Early intervention systems take time and work to develop and implement and there is no "one size fits all" solution
Digital Edition: Developing a Culture of Accountability
By Police1 Staff 
How agencies can weave the duty to intercede throughout their policies and training
Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of LEOs
Line of Duty deaths isn’t what ends up taking lives too soon – it’s a result of Heart Disease which is present in approximately 53% of the officers tested. Resulting in the average age of a Heart Attack being 46yr’s old.
Visit Sigma Tactical Wellness for more information
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