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Dear Leader, 

With just one month left in 2021, the Police1 editorial team is busy planning our “Year in Review” content, reflecting on the game changers for law enforcement this year.  

In a recent poll, more than 1,000 Police1 readers chose their biggest challenges of 2021: recruitment and retention, officer wellness and morale, and media coverage of police issues. If your agency is struggling in those areas, here are some resources to assist you: 

► Chief Michael Gancasz asks if workforce sharing could solve recruitment issues 

► John Violanti, Ph.D., discusses how to build healthy, resilient officers 

► Judy Pal outlines how to manage the media when crisis hits your hometown

What challenges have you faced as a police leader in 2021? Share your experiences with editor@police1.com

Stay safe, 

— The Police1 Team

Law enforcement strategies to reduce violence
By Jason Potts 
The Council on Criminal Justice launched the Violent Crime Working Group to produce concrete guidance police leaders can use to curb violence
True de-escalation is a mindset before it's a tactic
By Chip Huth 
Strategies to de-escalate the system to help things go right for people
Creating a positive impact: Effective community policing strategies
By James Careless 
A trio of law enforcement professionals share the best practices they are using to connect cops with their communities
Why Autonomy Matters for First Responders: An NYPD veteran’s perspective
Attend this webinar to learn the benefits of drone programs and how they can help you be more effective at your job.
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Free Webinar: Cannabis Enforcement in 2021 and Onward
Learn how law enforcement teams across the US are using LightLab 3 LE Cannabis Analyzer for their data-driven enforcement actions regarding illicit cannabis operations.
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Active supervision challenge: 10 new habits for police supervisors
By Paul Conor, Ph.D. 
Follow these steps to easily apply the 10 skills of active supervision
A catalyst for change: Managing conflict in public safety agencies
By Rex M. Scism  
Ignoring problems opens the door for employee dissatisfaction, inhibited personal performance and organizational disruption at all levels
Safe Dispatch is Priority Dispatch
Scene safety starts at dispatch. See how Priority Dispatch gives you the safest dispatch possible.
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Keep Your Community Safe with CARFAX for Police
CARFAX for Police Investigative Tools generate 5 million new leads every day that connect vehicles of interest to crimes. The free tools help 5,000+ partner agencies solve a wide range of cases.
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