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Police departments across the country are leveraging new technologies made possible by the cloud to improve the way they protect and serve. With these advanced tools, officers are improving the speed of their investigations, storing data securely and quickly combing databases for relevant information that may have taken much longer to gather in years past. Read these articles to learn more about what the cloud can do for you.

3 ways the cloud is changing LE
Why police agencies should embrace secure cloud storage
Just as smartphones and other devices that rely upon the cloud have become commonplace in our personal lives, so, too, will they become common in policing, according to one police and IT veteran.
How you already use the cloud
Q&A: How will technology affect policing in the future?
To learn more about how technology will affect the future of policing, we spoke with Scott Crouch, whose company, Mark43, provides public safety applications on the Amazon Web Services cloud.
More integrated, more mobile and more agile
How Lawrence PD’s cloud-based body-worn camera program reflects changes in law enforcement in America
A cloud-based body-worn camera program has allowed the Lawrence (Indiana) PD to improve efficiency as well as better serve its citizens.
Equip a stronger, more agile police force
Reduce recidivism, save money and improve outcomes with data analysis
The Data-Driven Justice Initiative aims to save communities money by reducing arrests and incarcerations of low-risk repeat offenders, while giving police and social services the information necessary to effectively manage these cases.
Share information to identify gaps
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