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Idaho PD lowers educational requirements to become a police officer
The Boise Police Department previously required candidates to have an associate degree; future officers will only need a high school diploma or GED
'We will find who's responsible': N.C. deputy shot, killed on duty
Firearm-detecting K-9 to patrol Fla. county schools
Ore. police bust $22M catalytic converter trafficking ring
Ohio PD: Officers no longer need to cover up their tattoos
Why combine CAD + Incident Command & Planning?
Investigate the benefits of a single solution that integrates CAD with incident command and planning for your agency and community.
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BolaWrap® – Safer Policing Outcomes through Innovative Technology
Currently, officers must move from verbal commands to pain compliance. With BolaWrap, they can move from verbal commands to restraint, and end an encounter without using higher levels of force.
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Rafael Mangual on the unintended consequences of criminal justice reform
By Policing Matters 
The author of "Criminal (In) Justice" discusses what the push for decarceration and depolicing gets wrong and who it hurts most
Peter Moskos on strategies to reduce violent crime
By Policing Matters 
“Onerous restrictions on the police can lead to the worst of both worlds: poorer policing and more violence.”
New Tool for EOD and Bomb Teams: AVATAR® EOD Robot
Features include an extendable, five-axis robotic manipulator arm and compatibility with a remote Percussion-Actuated Nonelectric (PAN) disrupter – giving EOD teams a host of new tactical and bomb disposal capabilities.
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Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of LEOs
Line of Duty deaths isn’t what ends up taking lives too soon – it’s a result of Heart Disease which is present in approximately 53% of the officers tested. Resulting in the average age of a Heart Attack being 46yr’s old.
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Photo of the Week: To protect and serve in turnout gear
By Police1 Members 
Community outreach officer Lexi Benson has a mid-shift change of uniform
Poem: These Boots
By Police1 Staff 
For many police officers, it is a daily struggle not to bring the things they deal with at work into their home life
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Watch now – Secure criminal justice information service data from anywhere
During this webinar, sponsored by Cradlepoint and Palo Alto Networks, experts discussed the tools needed to implement the right security no matter where the criminal justice information is accessed. Access Now. 
Active Threat - The First Responder Cooperative Response Plan
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Alaska State Trooper Entry/Lateral ($10,000 Move Reimbursement)
Anchorage, AK
Entry Level: $34.98 hourly
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