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Getting into a squad car may be the most dangerous thing a cop does during their shift. With multiple distractions from MDTs and cellphones, police officers (especially those in one-man cars) face increased risks of being involved in motor vehicle collisions. On top of that, we've seen recent ambushes of LEOs while in their patrol vehicles. So, how can cops prioritize their safety while in and around their vehicles? That's the question today's newsletter addresses.

Read on to access:

► A training plan for shooting from and through vehicles
► An evaluation of the effectiveness of an LE crash prevention program
► A review of the effective deployment of the PIT maneuver during pursuits

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Ballistic testing on a BMW R 1200 RT-P
By Mike Richey 
Test results can be used to develop motorcycle law enforcement officer tactics used for hostile confrontations
Training to shoot from and through vehicles
By Warren Wilson 
How bullets work against various parts of a vehicle is critical information for cops
Training day: Defensive use of your patrol car
By Captain Rod Davis Sr. 
There are several circumstances where your patrol car can effectively be used to stop a deadly threat
Havis VSX Console for the 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe 
The VSX Console for the 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe continues to redefine the vision of public safety consoles from the ground up.
Learn more
LPR in the Palm of Your Hand? There’s an App for That
Find out how Rekor Systems can put vehicle intelligence in your patrol cars, on your roads, and now at your fingertips via smartphone.
Learn more
Preventing crashes and injuries among officers
By Hope M. Tiesman, PhD, and Sgt. Lou Maldonado (Ret.) 
The first known scientific evaluation of an LE crash prevention program demonstrates significantly lower crash and injury rates - especially among patrol officers
NIOSH offers safe driving resources for LEOs
By Police1 Staff 
Recommendations for what agencies can do to prevent collisions
LEO Near Miss: Wrong side of the element of surprise
By National Police Foundation 
The decision to drive at night without headlights activated resulted in a near miss for this officer
Shop for Your Agency Like You Shop for Yourself
The Amazon First Responders Storefront can help save your department time and money.
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How police use the PIT maneuver to end pursuits
By Tim Dees 
Go deep on the steps to PIT and its alternatives, as well as the history, advantages and disadvantages of the precision immobilization technique
5 steps to enhancing your EVOC training
By Hugh Anderson 
New book helps trainers avoid common pitfalls and mistakes in emergency vehicle operation instruction
Could NASA's AI platform for space exploration improve officer safety?
By Rob Lawrence 
Trusted and Explainable Police Artificial Intelligence (TruePAL) technology aims to improve situational awareness for officers while driving and on the roadside
How to buy driving simulators (eBook)
By Police1 Staff 

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