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Just two months into 2021 and there have been two separate incidents where a child was used as a human shield against law enforcement officers. In both cases, officers resolved the situation with well-aimed shots demonstrating the value of police firearms training, mental preparation and access to the right equipment to resolve the threat at hand.

In today’s newsletter, Police1 columnist Pete Goode outlines the key takeaways from these incidents. Plus, Warren Wilson lists the tactical equipment investments every SWAT cop should make.

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7 investments worth every penny for SWAT officers
By Warren Wilson 
From waterproof boots to Cat Crap (yes, really), here's some essential gear to add to your SWAT toolkit
From CQB to medium ranges: Vortex Viper’s PST GEN II 1-6X24 multi-role optic
By Harry Fitzpatrick 
Vortex’s LPVO aids in both accuracy and intel gathering for decision-making
Armor Solutions Specialist
Ballistic Plates, Shields, Helmets and Tactical Vests.
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Analysis: The ultimate high-stakes hostage shot
By Pete Goode 
Though relatively rare, hostage situations are a reality of policing, and the life you’re asked to save may be that of a child
Sniper rifle accessories: What you need vs. what you want
By Warren Wilson 
Carrying lighter gear means quicker positioning and less fatigue, but how do you choose what to buy, what to bring and what to leave in the car?
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