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Although briefly covered in the police academy, many officers do not receive additional medical training until much later in their careers. The common practice of skills training without analyzing how critical decisions are made produces poor retention and may create training "scars" that can lead to bad outcomes.  

Click here to view Police1's on-demand webinar on the evolution of officer-down training to gain a deeper understanding of innate decision-making processes during the delivery of tactical medical care.  

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"But we can't just leave!": How LAPD SWAT implemented a strategic disengagement policy
By Lieutenant Ruben Lopez 
Falsehoods and myths when responding to mentally ill or suicidal subject calls for service
SWAT teams can be front-and-center in community-based policing
By Chief Paul M. Walters (Ret.) 
While SWAT and community policing naturally feels to be in conflict with each other that does not have to be the case
International Armored Group’s new Sentinel Armored Rescue
The 2022 Sentinel ARV is now offered based off of either the Ford F-550 or the Dodge Ram 5500 chassis. Providing NIJ IV/.50cal protection coupled with powerful diesel engines and adaptive suspensions systems. All new Sentinel ARV builds can be delivered within 180 days.
Click For Grant Assistance and Pricing
Empowering bomb squads with DIY innovations
By DHS Science & Technology Directorate 
The ability of bomb technicians to expect the unexpected and adjust accordingly has created a pipeline of do-it-yourself inventions to solve everyday issues
Improving the bomb squad and SWAT partnership
By Mike Wood 
The current threat environment demands a closer relationship between these two specialties
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