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Making the decision to carry a gun while off duty is just the first step in an ongoing commitment to vigorously train to use your off-duty firearm safely and effectively. In this edition of P1 Training eNews โ€“ a partnership between Police1 and โ€“ we review how officers can train to respond to potentially deadly force incidents while off duty.

Warren Wilson details the essential components of an off-duty and concealed carry training program, Lindsey Bertomen outlines firearms training drills for developing the fundamental skills that may help you win an off-duty deadly encounter, and Dale Stockton outlines the responsibilities and risks of carrying a firearm while off duty.

In his Roll Call: Reality Training video, Dave Smith presents footage of a shootout involving an off-duty cop that highlights why you need to be vigilant at all times.

โ€” The Police1 Team
What your departmentโ€™s off duty/concealed carry training program should include
By Warren Wilson
Agencies must provide their officers with the training they need to be just as competent with their firearm off duty as they are on duty
10 firearms training drills for off-duty carry
By Lindsey J. Bertomen
Police officers must train on the skills and abilities that can help win an off-duty or non-uniform deadly encounter
Respond to Emotional Distress in Your Department
Invest in agency-wide training to offset the effects of tragic incidents and stress with courses from Police1 Academy.
Learn more
Are you prepared for an off-duty encounter?
By Dale Stockton
Facing off with a criminal while off duty seldom goes as planned and can be deadly
Reality Training: Being prepared on and off duty
By Dave Smith
No one likes being "on" 24/7, but the unfortunate reality of today's world means you're never truly off duty as a police officer
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