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In many response situations, LEOs are often first on scene and can initiate lifesaving with some very basic – yet essential – skills. Officers now carry tourniquets to quickly stop the bleed. They can also master the act of pushing hard and fast to deliver hands-only CPR. In this edition of P1 Training eNews – a partnership between Police1 and PoliceTraining.net – we take a look at the training and equipment that can prepare officers to deliver potentially lifesaving care in the field.

Sean Curtis outlines four reasons why police officers should become certified in first aid and CPR; Sgt. Glenn French details how tactical combat casualty care training (TCCC) prepares officers to deliver lifesaving care during an active shooter attack or mass casualty incident; and Nicholas Miller lists the recommended items to include in an officer’s individual first aid kit (IFAK).

Dave Smith reviews an incident that shows the tricky transition from engaging with an armed suspect to then rendering aid when that suspect is down, and our training tip lists three things officers should consider when responding to a medical emergency.

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Why all cops need first aid and CPR training
There are many reasons why police officers should get certified in first aid and CPR – saving the life of those you love is first on the list
Tactical lifesaving in active shooter incidents
Every law enforcement officer in this country should be trained in tactical lifesaving skills so they can immediately render aid to trauma victims
Why police need to train to use and carry an IFAK
Case after case has demonstrated the need for law enforcement officers to have an IFAK immediately available to save lives when time is critical
Medical emergencies: 3 things to think about
Police are often first on the scene of a medical emergency, so be sure you’re ready to provide preliminary care while waiting for EMS to arrive
Reality Training: Rendering aid to a downed suspect
One minute you're engaging an armed suspect, the next you're attempting to save the suspect's life
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