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BWC footage released in OIS of sword-wielding man who charged at officers

The man refused to drop two swords and was not affected by a TASER before he charged at police and was shot


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By Joanna Putman

NEW YORK — Attorney General Letitia James released the body camera footage from an officer-involved shooting of a man who charged at police with two swords.

Alan Weber, a former elite fencer, was shot and killed by officers from the Suffolk County Police Department on Oct. 10, according to the release.

The one-minute body camera clips show two officers entering a room to find Weber pointing a sword in their direction.

The first officer, identified as Officer Barrios, holds a TASER, while the second, Officer Vigario, holds a handgun. Both videos show the officers commanding Weber to put the swords down.

Weber responds by telling officers to put their weapons down. Officer Barrios then deploys the TASER.

Weber backs away but is not incapacitated by the shock. Video then shows him turning toward the officers, leaping over a box and running toward them, still armed with swords.

Officer Vigario then fired several shots at Weber, who fell to the floor.

At the time of the incident, Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison said he believed the shooting was justified, according to an Associated Press report. The attorney general’s investigation remains ongoing, according to a press release.

Click the photo below to watch the full body cam video

Screenshot 2023-11-03 103607.png

Police Activity

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