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‘You wanna go home tonight, right?': BWC shows tense moments between suspect, Texas officer before fatal OIS

As the El Paso Police officer made contact with the suspect, the suspect made menacing comments toward the officer and asked if he “picked the wrong day to go to work”

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El Paso Police Department

By Sarah Roebuck

EL PASO, Texas — A man who told an officer he had a gun made threatening comments before a fatal officer-involved shooting occurred, body camera video released the El Paso Police Department shows.

Video released on March 24 shows the police patrol supervisor approaching a parked vehicle at a car wash. The officer made contact with the 30-year-old suspect, who was sitting in the driver’s seat of the vehicle.

The suspect told the officer that he was homeless and was attempting to get his car to start.

The officer then asked the suspect if he had any weapons in the car. The suspect replied, “No, sir.”

When asked for ID, the suspect frantically searches through papers and items in the center console, turning away from the officer. The situation escalates as the officer orders him to exit the car.

“I can’t do that, " the suspect said.

“Why’s that?” the officer asked.

“You need to back up, bro,” the suspect said. “You need to back up right now ... You need to back the (expletive) up.”

The officer then drew his gun and told the suspect to relax. The officer noticed the suspect was holding something, and when he asked what was in his hands, the suspect told him it was a gun.

“It’s a gun. Please, go back to your car,” the suspect said.

The officer continued to ask the suspect to show his hands, to which the suspect did not comply.

The suspect continued to tell the officer to go back to his patrol car.

“I’m not gonna put it down. ... You wanna go home tonight, right?” the suspect said.

“Just put it down, dude,” the officer said.

“Did you pick the wrong day to go to work today?” the suspect continued before making a sudden movement.

The officer then fired shots at the suspect while backing away to take cover behind trash cans, video shows.

The officer requested emergency backup, as well as fire/medical services. The suspect was declared deceased at the scene.

Click the photo below to watch the full body camera video

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El Paso Police Department