Uniting for effective mass casualty response: Law enforcement, fire and EMS trade trainers

A Florida fire department is leading the way in bringing together first responders to train to respond to active shooter scenarios and other MCIs

Law enforcement officers may be first on scene to a mass casualty incident (MCI) and depending on the size, it may be overwhelming. Are we prepared to see the unthinkable? Do we know what our priorities should be? Do we know what our opposite numbers in fire, EMS and other responding agencies are doing?

Our guests today have an answer to each of those questions. In this episode of the Policing Matters podcast, sponsored by Staccato, host Jim Dudley speaks with Dr. Peter Antevy, EMS medical director for Davie (Florida) Fire Rescue, and Daniel Moran, Assistant Fire Chief for Davie (Florida) Fire Rescue, where he manages the EMS, training and special projects divisions, about the MCI training they are delivering to law enforcement.

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Top quotes from this episode

What many people don't know [about the Parkland shooting] is that the 17 folks who survived that day, who were severely injured, who ultimately survived, all of them were treated by law enforcement. Many people think it was EMS who got there first and put on tourniquets and chest seals and stopped the bleed. But in fact, it was PD, it was SWAT."

If you come to one of these drills, you cannot discern who is PD and who is fire and EMS because the relationship has gotten so close, the skillset has now crossed over."

One of the keys to success I think is trading the trainers. Fire rescue should be teaching all police officers high quality CPR, AED, Stop the Bleed, nasal narcan administration and everything else the officers are doing out there."

I would love to see police cars with a green light on top. Why green light? That's establishing command. I would love for that first officer who doesn't need to take scene action to say, 'I'm going to establish scene command, turn on a green light on the top of my roof, and let FD know exactly where to park their command vehicle.'"

The future is that police officers have to be basically at the level of a high-performing EMT, where they have all the basics, they have that skillset."

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About our guests

Peter Antevy, MD, innovator of the Handtevy Pediatric Resuscitation System, is a nationally recognized lecturer and expert in the field of pre-hospital pediatrics. He is extremely passionate about improving both adult and pediatric pre-hospital care and evaluating and improving upon currently accepted medical practice.

A board-certified doctor of pediatric emergency medicine, Dr. Antevy earned his medical degree from the St. George’s University School of Medicine and from the University of Miami School of Medicine. He completed his residency in pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and his fellowship in pediatric emergency medicine at the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Dr. Antevy currently serves as the EMS Medical Director for Davie Fire-Rescue.

Daniel Moran is the Assistant Fire Chief for Davie Fire Rescue, where he manages the EMS, Training and Special Projects Divisions. He is the SRT Medic coordinator with the Davie Police Department and for the past four years has led the Active Shooter Hostile Event Response training sessions along with PD’s training staff.

He is a passionate educator and trainer with over 18 years of instructional experience. He conducts lectures at the Broward College criminal justice program and strives to strengthen the relationship between police officers and firefighters.

His lecture on “World’s Colliding” that discusses PD performing medical interventions including CPR, AED, Stop the Bleed and nasal Narcan, along with firefighters wearing ballistics and entering warm zones, has garnished attention from multiple criminal justice programs throughout the state.    


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