Tenn. police receive over $350K for highway safety

By Oak Ridge Today Staff
Oak Ridge Today

OAK RIDGE, Tenn. — Tennessee officials last week announced $21.1 million in grants to Tennessee agencies to support highway traffic safety efforts, with more than $350,000 designated for local law enforcement agencies.

The grants include about $180,000 to the Anderson County District Attorney General’s Office for driving-under-the-influence abatement and prosecution, and roughly $40,000 to the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department for reducing fatalities in the county. The Oak Ridge Police Department received about $25,000 for alcohol saturation and checkpoints.

The grants to 370 agencies in Tennessee were announced last week by Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam, Tennessee Department of Transportation Commissioner John Schroer, and the Governor’s Highway Safety Office Director Kendell Poole.

Full Story: Local agencies receive more than $350K in highway safety funds

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