Top 10 videos of sovereign citizens getting owned

"I'm not driving, I'm traveling"

While the threat of the sovereign citizen movement is no laughing matter, it’s undeniably funny when these anti-government agitators have interactions with police that don’t quite go the way they had hoped. That’s why we’ve gathered the 10 best clips of sovereign citizens getting owned by cops. Take a look, and share your humorous sovereign citizen encounters with us in the comments section.


After this sovereign citizen spent nearly five minutes talking about the legality of Texas traffic codes, the officer familiarized him with the landmark SCOTUS case, Baton v. Window.


One classic sovereign citizen tactic is attempting to throw as much “legal” mumbo jumbo at a cop as they can in the hope the officer will let them go, as this video is a great example of. Spoiler: It doesn’t work.


“Article Four Free Inhabitant.” ‘Nuff said.


This video doesn’t feature a cop, but it was too good not to include. The judge deserves a raise for his patience and his sense of humor in dealing with this sovereign citizen.


“I do not consent!”


Surprisingly, this sovereign citizen’s stand down order had no effect on the officers arresting him.


Last anyone checked, the argument was still going.


“The wind’s pushing your car? It’s not even windy out.”


One of the many examples of the classic “traveling not driving” sovereign citizen argument.


His “legal counsel” wasn’t of much help.


All laughs aside, chances are you’ll run into a sovereign citizen at least once during the course of your police career, so it’s important to be prepared. For more information about them, check out “5 common crimes committed by sovereign citizens" and “5 responses to a sovereign citizen at a traffic stop.”

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