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Apr 7, 2021

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Application Deadline:
Aug 15, 2021

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$36,832 annual

Job Description

++Job Vacancy Announcement – 112th Trooper School- ACCELERATED CURRICULUM++

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Join an elite group of men and women who serve, protect, and defend the people of the State of Georgia, while preserving the rights and dignity of all. We are looking for those with a strong mind and work ethic, an uncompromising character, and a servant’s heart who can handle a never-ending variety of situations and people. You will receive the very best technical, physical, and law enforcement training while gaining skills to put you at the top of your game. We invest thousands of dollars in your training that consistently results in true professionals who provide assistance to Georgia’s citizens, safeguard lives and property, and promote peace and order throughout the state. Come join the courageous men and women of the Georgia State Patrol and experience the greatest camaraderie and teamwork in a unique environment that delivers law enforcement at the highest possible standard. We are looking for YOU!

The Department of Public Safety is accepting applications for the 112th Trooper School. This school is contingent on approval of anticipated funding. It is anticipated that the 112th Trooper school will begin January 9, 2022. The department has immediate staffing needs statewide. All assignments will be made based on the operational needs of the department, taking into consideration the current home location of the selected applicants.


How is this school different?

*Accelerated curriculum is 13 weeks.

*Curriculum builds on the basic peace officer certification and eliminates repetitive instruction.

*Field Training program will begin ++after++ graduation and will take place in assigned Troop.

Training that is included in the Accelerated curriculum includes:

*Advanced driver training; including Precision Immobilization Technique training

*Advanced firearms training

*Advanced defensive tactics training

*Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training

*Advanced accident investigation training

*Advanced Traffic Stops training

*Standardized Field Sobriety Training

         \*Intox-9000 training

*Speed Detection training

++DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES++: Under close supervision, Troopers patrol the roadways to enforce traffic and criminal laws. Troopers investigate traffic crashes and assist motorists. The Georgia State Patrol is an assisting agency to all law enforcement agencies in this and any other state. Troopers may assist other agencies with enforcing traffic and criminal laws in their area, civil unrest, or matters of protecting citizens’ First Amendment rights. Troopers participate in criminal apprehension and prosecution. The Department of Public Safety offers many opportunities for specialized assignments for Troopers throughout their career.

++MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS++: Applicant must be a U.S. citizen, possess a diploma from an accredited high school or G.E.D, and must be 21 years old upon graduation from Trooper School. Applicants must also successfully pass the pre-employment process which includes the background investigation and polygraph, oral interview, physical fitness test, and psychological and medical evaluations. Applicants of the 112th Trooper School must be certified as a peace officer by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (P.O.S.T.) ++at the time of application++, and have a ++minimum++ of two years verified road/patrol experience by January 8, 2022.

Note: Applicants who are certified in another state or were a federal peace officer and have not had more than three (3) years break in service may be eligible to take the Equivalency of Training (EOT) test in order to obtain GA P.O.S.T certification. Details regarding the EOT and how to apply for this equivalency can be found at web link

++ANNUAL SALARY++: $36,832 (while in Trooper School) $47,350 (upon Trooper School graduation)


Trooper First Class 1- $52,583

Trooper First Class 2- $57,841

Trooper First Class 3- $63,062

NOTE: The DPS Uniform and Appearance Policy has changed to allow applicants with some visible tattoos in a short sleeve uniform shirt to wear a long sleeve shirt.

Applicants with tattoos or brands will be disqualified for either of the following:

  1. Tattoos/brands that depict or support criminal behavior, drug usage, nudity, profanity, promiscuity, subversive groups, bigotry, etc.
  2. Tattoos/brands on the neck, face, head, hands, and fingers that are visible while on duty and/or in a long sleeve uniform shirt. Tattoos on the arm must not be below the crease of the wrist. Exceptions include tattoos/brands that are covered by one ring per hand, or by a watch band on either the left ++or++ right wrist. Uniform members with tattoos visible in a short sleeve uniform shirt (generally, below the crease of the arm and tip of the elbow) will wear the class A uniform (long sleeve shirt).

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21
  • Education: High School
  • Experience: none

Contact Information

Diana Stephens

Georgia Department of Public Safety
959 E Confederate Ave SE
Atlanta, Georgia 30316
phone: 4046247740

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