Patrol Corporal

Basalt Police Department - Basalt, Colorado

Sep 15, 2020

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Application Deadline:
Oct 19, 2020

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$76,124 annual
Top Pay:
$110, 137 annual

Job Description



Protects the lives, safety, health, welfare and property of individuals within the Town limits of Basalt by enforcing municipal, state and federal ordinances, statutes and laws. Incumbents may be assigned to the Patrol Division, Investigations Division, and/or any special assignments necessary to protect and serve the needs of individuals relating to law enforcement. The position includes incumbents with full technical and operational capabilities in police sciences gained through extensive training and experience. Does related work as required.


Specific examples of duties may include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. All essential functions and responsibilities included within description of Police Officer I and Police Officer II.
  2. May supervise day-to-day operations in the absence of a Sergeant, Lieutenant, or Chief of Police.
  3. Supervises Officers I and II: plans, schedules, assigns and directs work.
  4. Monitors work hours, overtime, comp time and approves timesheets.
  5. With guidance from immediate supervisor, handles employee complaints and may recommend disciplinary action.
  6. Review reports submitted by Officers to ensure accuracy and completeness; instructs Officer in correct reporting procedures.
  7. Researches and reconciles problems, grievances and other complaints.
  8. Will coordinate criminal investigations.
  9. Assigns work to subordinate personnel to include: patrol assignments, case assignments, equipment, training, special projects, enforcement details, and operational objectives. Manpower and staffing needs must be taken into consideration when making assignments.
  10. Identifies training needs of subordinate personnel in technical law enforcement, improved police methods, recent court rulings, and new or revised departmental policies and procedures, rules, and regulations.
  11. Assists in policy development, interprets, and explains departmental policies and procedures. Ensures implementation and monitors compliance relative to departmental operations.
  12. Performs periodic formal and continuing informal evaluation of subordinate personnel to include counseling on ways of improving individual job performance.
  13. Approves or denies requests from subordinate personnel for annual leave, personal days, and special duty assignments.
  14. Assigns overtime/comp-time, on call time and/or standby time to subordinates.
  15. Responsible for scheduling of officers to meet departmental staffing needs.
  16. Establishes, monitors, and reviews annual goals and objectives of patrol officers to ensure they are being met.
  17. Responds to citizen complaints and requests for information relative to departmental activities and operations. Is responsible for investigating internal investigations complaints at the direction of the Lieutenant. Enforces all policies and procedures that effect patrol in a fair and realistic manner.
  18. Other duties as required by the Sergeant, Lieutenant and Chief of Police.


Ability to comply with laws, rules and regulations. Follows orders, rules and regulations, has shown a history of compliance with municipal, state, and federal laws and statutes.

Education: High School graduate or GED Equivalent

Citizenship: US citizen or legal authorization to work in the United States.

Conviction Record: No felony convictions or convictions involving domestic violence.

Responsibilities: Is a senior officer with a minimum of five years’ experience possessing a higher degree of knowledge of law enforcement activities that comes with job experience. As a senior officer, he/she is required to lead, assist and instruct inexperienced officers. Will take on supervisory roles frequently.

Career Path: Each Officer will complete all tasks needed to reach Corporal.


Possesses a valid Colorado Driver’s License.

Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training certified or certifiable as required by Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training rules and regulation.

Driving skills: Demonstrates ability to control vehicle in routine and emergency situations; complies with departmental and state driving and safety regulations; has a good driving record.

Obtain and maintain all required certifications and training requirements that are required by Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training and by this department.


Ability to adapt to changes in working conditions (e.g. changes in patrol assignments, shift changes, shift work, different types of incidents that must be handled one right after the other, etc.), ability to work overtime as needed, ability to work week days and weekends to include day shifts, swing shifts, and graveyard shifts. Must be available and able to work all holidays as scheduling dictates.


Works under the general supervision of the Sergeant, Lieutenant, and the Chief of Police.


Corporal – Provides direction and technical leadership to Police Officer I and II. Acts as immediate supervisor in the absence of the Sergeant, Lieutenant or Chief of Police.



  2. RECORD MANAGEMENT: Ability to read, understand, and direct Officers on corrections needed in regards to reports, affidavits, etc.

  3. ASSIGNMENTS: When taking on a role of supervisor, a Corporal will frequently be assigned duties and tasks. These assignments come with critical deadlines requiring follow-up with minimal direction from administration to complete.

  4. FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE: As major incidents occur in our area, supervisors are key to completing critical tasks. This may mean a Corporal is looked upon heavily to be available to assist at a moment’s notice and to work varying hours to complete assignments successfully.

  5. EMPLOYEE PROBLEMS: Must maintain a high level of professionalism and confidentiality when dealing with internal issues.


Incumbents must deal with a variety of changing situations and deal with a variety of individuals under possibly threatening and stressful conditions. The incumbent must determine proper and legal courses of action and solve practical problems using skills and techniques of police science. Must be able to follow general and broad department procedures and work within a framework of ordinances, statutes, laws, and court decisions. The nature of the work precludes the application of specific guidelines and set precedents. The incumbent is required to use individual judgment with wide latitude in decision making processes.


The incumbent receives guidance from departmental policies, supervisory review of work accomplishments, and the availability of senior officers (Sergeant, Lieutenant, or Chief of Police) for guidance in unique situations. The incumbent’s actions and decisions, applied in critical and stressful situations, may affect the safety and lives of the incumbent, co-worker, suspects of illegal activities, and citizens of Basalt. Errors in judgment or action could affect citizen acceptance of the Police Department and/or financial and legal consequences. Decisions made by incumbents may have serious and far reaching effects on individuals.


The success of the incumbent in performing assigned work activities and the acceptance of the Police Department is dependent upon the working relations of the incumbent employee. The incumbent must effectively deal with individuals seeking assistance and advice, individuals under mental and emotional stress, and individuals committing criminal offenses threatening life and property. Incumbents must deal cooperatively and effectively with court officials, outside enforcement authorities, other Town Departments, etc.


The incumbent normally works under moderate physical demand while on patrol but may be subject to strenuous physical effort in the pursuit, apprehension, and control of resisting and threatening individuals.


Incumbents are subject to traffic hazards while patrolling and responding to emergencies in all traffic and weather conditions. The incumbent is exposed to verbal and physical abuse while performing assigned duties and may be threatened and/or attacked with dangerous weapons while dealing with criminal and emotionally disturbed individuals. Incumbents may also encounter environmental conditions such as dust, smoke, fire, exhaust, etc.

Additional Information

Full application can be found here:

An Assessment Center will be conducted and is tentatively set for Wednesday, November 4th, 2020.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21-99
  • Education: High School Graduate or Equivalent
  • Experience: 5 years of LE experience

Contact Informaton

Aaron Munch

Basalt Police Department
100 Elk Run Dr. #115
Basalt, Colorado 81621-8223
phone: 970-927-4316

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