Police Officer I

Basalt Police Department - Basalt, Colorado

Sep 15, 2020

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Application Deadline:
Oct 12, 2020

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$65,051 annual
Top Pay:
$94,238 annual

Job Description



Protects the lives, safety, health, welfare and property of individuals within the Town limits of Basalt by enforcing municipal, state and federal ordinances, statutes and laws. Incumbents may be assigned to the Patrol Division, Investigations Division, and/or any special assignments necessary to protect and serve the needs of individuals relating to law enforcement. The position includes incumbents with full technical and operational capabilities in police sciences gained through extensive training and experience. Does related work as required.


Specific examples of duties may include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Actively patrol within the Town limits of Basalt, either by vehicle, bicycle, or foot, to deter illegal activities and to protect and preserve the safety and security of individuals, buildings and neighborhoods.
  2. Performs business checks and inspects liquor establishments.
  3. Provides mutual aid to surrounding law enforcement agencies when requested.
  4. Respond to dispatch calls and investigate citizen complaints and reported breaches of the peace including crimes in progress, crimes discovered after the fact, disturbances, accidents, etc.
  5. Mediates between two or more parties to resolve conflicts.
  6. Assists Fire/Emergency Medical Personnel and renders medical aid when necessary. Provides immediate assistance for intoxicated and mentally ill persons.
  7. Respond to emergency and non-emergency calls and perform preliminary investigations at crime scenes, traffic accident scenes, disturbances, missing person scenes, etc.; preserves and/or collect physical evidence, diagrams or photographs scenes, obtains witness and/or suspect statements, etc. necessary for the reporting of circumstances and facts of incidents, for the charging of suspects with offenses, and conducts necessary follow-up investigations of incidents.
  8. Performs parking enforcement taking appropriate action when necessary.
  9. Performs traffic enforcement and take appropriate action when necessary.
  10. Prepares citations, summons, arrest and search warrant affidavits necessary to charge individuals with violations of ordinances, statutes and laws including petty, misdemeanor, and felonious offenses.
  11. May make arrests and take suspects into custody including the reading of rights, search of individuals and property, booking and transport of individuals to holding and jailing facilities.
  12. Appears in municipal, county, district, and federal courts of law to offer testimony relative to the investigation and charging of individuals with non-criminal and criminal offenses.
  13. Prepares a variety of routine and non-routine reports and records necessary information for the reporting of daily activities, reporting of specific criminal and non-criminal incidents, etc.
  14. Provides general assistance to the public and visitors including the giving of directions, providing crime prevention information, providing community resource referral information, offering roadside assistance to motorists, and assisting in locating lost property.
  15. Inspects patrol vehicles and operates vehicle under routine and emergency conditions.
  16. Maintains all departmental equipment; participates in departmental activities, speaks before civic, community, and school groups; attends meetings, and maintains awareness of police activities, best practices and trends.
  17. Attends, participates, and maintains basic qualifications in prescribed courses of physical training, classroom instruction and field exercises, including work simulation exercises, investigative methods, rescue methods, instruction in the use and care of firearms, and other training designed to improve one’s abilities as a police officer.
  18. May be assigned to assist in investigations and perform other essential functions of the following nature:
    1. Receives case assignments relative to crimes reported within the Town limits of Basalt not cleared through preliminary investigations.
    2. Performs follow-up investigation(s) including the collection, preservation and analysis of physical evidence, the interviewing of witnesses and suspects, the surveillance of suspects, the checking of suspect backgrounds and statements, etc., to collect and analyze facts and data relating to the solution of assigned cases.
  19. Other duties as required by the immediate supervisor, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant or Chief of Police.
  20. Assumes appropriate Incident Command System (ICS) roles as necessary.
  21. May serve as Evidence Custodian at the direction of the Chief of Police.


Ability to comply with laws, rules and regulations. Follows orders, rules and regulations, has shown a history of compliance with municipal, state, and federal laws and statutes.

Education: High School graduate or GED Equivalent

Citizenship: US citizen or legal authorization to work in the United States.

Conviction Record: No felony convictions or convictions involving domestic violence.


Possesses a valid Colorado Driver’s License.

Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training certified or certifiable as required by Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training rules and regulation.

Driving skills: Demonstrates ability to control vehicle in routine and emergency situations; complies with departmental and state driving and safety regulations; has a good driving record.

Obtain and maintain all required certifications and training requirements that are required by Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training and by this department.


Ability to adapt to changes in working conditions (e.g. changes in patrol assignments, shift changes, shift work, different types of incidents that must be handled one right after the other, etc.), ability to work overtime as needed, ability to work week days and weekends to include day shifts, swing shifts, and graveyard shifts. Must be available and able to work all holidays as scheduling dictates.


Works under the general supervision of the Corporal.


Police Officer I – None


  1. JUDGMENT. Applies knowledge and reasoning to make prompt and effective decisions quickly in both routine and non-routine (e.g. life and death) situations; evaluates alternative course of action and selects the most acceptable alternative; makes sound decisions in a timely manner; sizes up a situation quickly and takes appropriate action.

  2. OBSERVATION SKILLS: Recognizes conditions or circumstances that indicate something might be wrong, unusual, or out of the ordinary; utilizes senses of sight and hearing to assist in recognition.

  3. LEARNING: Comprehends new information and applies that which has been learned on the job. Understands and conceptually applies information that is provided in writing or verbally.

  4. ORAL COMMUNICATION: Speaks in a clear, understandable manner and comprehends various types of information (e.g. accounts of past events, directions, explanations, ideas, etc.); talks effectively with persons of divergent cultural and educational backgrounds; speaks with good pronunciation, projects voice clearly; effectively uses police radio.

  5. WRITTEN COMMUNICATION: Writes clearly and concisely; uses acceptable grammar, punctuation and spelling; writes reports that are well organized, complete and accurate.

  6. INTERPERSONAL BEHAVIOR: Is sensitive to the feelings of others and resolves problems in ways that do not arouse antagonism; interacts and deals effectively with people from varying social and cultural backgrounds; is courteous and respectful; calms emotional people and attempts to resolve conflicts through persuasion rather than force; exercises compassion and empathy for persons in varied situations and with varied backgrounds.

  7. TEAMWORK: Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with co-workers, supervisors, other law enforcement officials, and Town Departments; shares information and works cooperatively with others; complies with departmental rules and regulations; follows orders; is able to accept and receive constructive criticism in a positive manner and learn from the experience of others.

  8. ASSERTIVENESS: Asserts self when necessary to exert control over others; confronts people who are behaving in a suspicious manner.

  9. EMOTIONAL SELF-CONTROL: Maintain composure and performs effectively in stressful situations; refrains from overreacting when subjected to physical or verbal abuse; exercises restraint and uses the minimum amount of force.

  10. USE OF WEAPONS: Maintains physical strength, flexibility, and maneuverability necessary to properly utilize the approved weapons for police officers; demonstrates the ability to aim at a designated target and attain an acceptable proficiency rating; understands appropriate levels of force based on specific circumstances and chooses weapons and physical actions accordingly.

  11. PHYSICAL ABILITY: Maintains physical condition and fitness; demonstrates the ability to meet the physical demands of the job.

a. Ability to sit in a vehicle for an extended period of time.

b. Ability to stand and walk for extended periods of time.

c. Ability to run fast enough and far enough to catch fleeing criminals.

d. Ability to run to safety when confronting certain situations.

e. Ability to use strength and quickness to rescue endangered persons.

f. Ability to physically separate individuals that are fighting or preparing to fight.

g. Ability to function for extended periods with little sleep.

h. Ability to work varied hours and adjust sleep patterns.

i. Ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

j. Maintains valid driver’s license.

k. Travel may be required.

  1. INITIATIVE: Ability to proceed on assignments without waiting to be told what to do; makes an effort to improve skills and keeps informed of new developments in the field; exerts the effort needed to make sure the job is done correctly; is consistently productive.

  2. DEPENDABILITY: Ability to be reliable, thorough, punctual, accurate, assumes responsibility for share of the workload; works with minimal supervision.

  3. INTEGRITY: Demonstrates history of personal and professional honesty and integrity.

  4. ACCEPTANCE OF CRITICISM: Accepts advice and constructive criticism; demonstrated acceptance of responsibility for one’s own mistakes, and ability to learn from past mistakes.

  5. PROBLEM-SOLVING: Analyzes problems, develops options and develops pro-active plans within the department and in partnership with the community.


Incumbents must deal with a variety of changing situations and deal with a variety of individuals under possibly threatening and stressful conditions. The incumbent must determine proper and legal courses of action and solve practical problems using skills and techniques of police science. Must be able to follow general and broad department procedures and work within a framework of ordinances, statutes, laws, and court decisions. The nature of the work precludes the application of specific guidelines and set precedents. The incumbent is required to use individual judgment with wide latitude in decision making processes.


The incumbent receives guidance in the form of departmental policies, supervisory reviews of work accomplishments, and the availability of senior officers for guidance in unique situations. The incumbent’s actions and decisions, applied in critical and stressful situations, may affect the safety and lives of the incumbent, co-worker, suspects of illegal activities, and citizens of Basalt. Errors in judgment or action could affect citizen acceptance of the Police Department and/or financial and legal consequences. Decisions made by incumbents may have serious and far reaching effects on individuals.


The success of the incumbent in performing assigned work activities and the acceptance of the Police Department is dependent upon the working relations of the incumbent employee. The incumbent must effectively deal with individuals seeking assistance and advice, individuals under mental and emotional stress, and individuals committing criminal offenses threatening life and property. Incumbents must deal cooperatively and effectively with court officials, outside enforcement authorities, other Town Departments, etc.


The incumbent normally works under moderate physical demand while on patrol but may be subject to strenuous physical effort in the pursuit, apprehension, and control of resisting and threatening individuals.


Incumbents are subject to traffic hazards while patrolling and responding to emergencies in all traffic and weather conditions. The incumbent is exposed to verbal and physical abuse while performing assigned duties and may be threatened and/or attacked with dangerous weapons while dealing with criminal and emotionally disturbed individuals. Incumbents may also encounter environmental conditions such as dust, smoke, fire, exhaust, etc.

Additional Information

Full application can be found here:


Applicant testing date will take place on Thursday, October 22, 2020.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21-99
  • Education: High School Graduate or Equivalent
  • Experience: None previously needed

Contact Informaton

Aaron Munch

Basalt Police Department
100 Elk Run Dr. #115
Basalt, Colorado 81621-8223
phone: 19709274316

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