Police Officer - TCOLE Certified

City of College Station - College Station, Texas

Mar 20, 2023

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Application Deadline:
Dec 31, 2023

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$$61,672.00 annual
Top Pay:
$$80,100.80 annual

Job Description


*$3500 Signing Bonus

Perform a variety of law enforcement and crime prevention tasks, investigative work, special assignments, technical and administrative tasks in support of the Police Department, while protecting the lives and property of the citizens of College Station through the enforcement of federal, state and municipal laws codes and ordinances.

++Additional Assignments within this rank may include, but not limited to:++ Patrol, traffic, criminal investigator, crime prevention officer, field training officer, school resource officer, recruitment/training officer or any other assignment, as designated by the Police Chief.

Principal Duties

The following represent the core areas of responsibilities, however, incumbents function to provide a broad range of police services and specific duties that will vary based on assignment. Any one position may not include all of the duties listed. In addition, the listed duties may not include all tasks that may be found within a position in this class.

  1. Participate in a variety of law enforcement activities which include, but not limited to, arresting offenders and suspects for traffic and criminal offenses, preparing for and appearing in court for criminal, civil, and other law enforcement-related matters, enforcing traffic laws, investigating traffic accidents, directing traffic (when necessary), serving civil and criminal papers, guarding and transporting prisoners and responding to emergency calls (accidents, burglaries, prowlers, etc.).
  2. Respond to calls for assistance, policy enforcement, medical help, or safety; collect information, assist with possible medical emergencies, and determine need for further action; perform lifesaving procedures when necessary; physically apprehend and search suspects utilizing appropriate techniques and maneuvers; and conduct security checks on commercial buildings and residences.
  3. Patrol an assigned area by car, motorcycle, bicycle, or on foot to discourage crime, maintaining responsibility and accountability for assigned geographic area.
  4. Perform and assist in criminal investigations, secure crime scenes and preserve evidence, and cooperate with other law enforcement agencies in matters relating to the apprehension of offenders and the investigation of offenses.
  5. Build and maintain effective partnerships with community groups and members and respond to requests and inquiries from citizens concerning laws and City ordinances.
  6. Prepare and submit reports on crimes and activities.
  7. Maintain required training proficiencies
  8. Perform related duties as assigned, to include assisting other Police officers in conducting assigned duties and responsibilities as necessary.


*Required: *

GED equivalent plus 12 hours of college; or 2 years of continuous military service; or High school diploma. Basic TCOLE peace officer certification. Knowledge of existing criminal and traffic codes [licensed]. Ability to maintain physical endurance and agility standards. Ability to perform a variety of physically demanding maneuvers and activities while involved in law enforcement and rescue operations, including running, walking, stooping, bending, rolling, crawling, climbing, jumping, lifting, carrying, dragging, and safely operating assigned equipment and vehicles. Ability to work under a variety of unfavorable conditions including exposure to gunfire, harsh weather, poor or no lighting, exposure to hazardous chemicals and smoke, extremes in temperatures, all types of weather conditions, electrical hazards, armed and dangerous persons, communicable diseases, etc. Valid Texas Driver's License. United State's citizen.

*Preferred: *

Bachelor's Degree

Supplemental Information


  • Candidate Applies Before Application Filing Deadline
  • Personal History Statement - Due at Physical Fitness Test
  • Written Examination (WAIVED)
  • Preliminary Information Form
  • Physical Fitness Test (1.5 Mile Run)
  • Preliminary Interview
  • Records Check
  • Oral Interview
  • Fingerprinting Check
  • Polygraph Examination
  • Background Investigation
  • Chief's Panel Interview
  • Drug Screen and Medical Exam*
  • Psychological Examination (if required)*

Candidate selected OR application held for 6 months for future consideration.

Candidate must be successful in each phase of the selection process.

Candidate may be eliminated or disqualified at any point in the process for failure to meet the criteria set forth by the Police Department.*

A conditional offer of employment will have been made before the drug screen, medical exam and psychological exam are administered.

The expected duration of the application process is 30-60 days. Those successfully completing the selection process will be placed on an eligibility list for 6 months. After 6 months, the applicant must reapply. Applicants who fail to successfully complete any portion of the selection process shall be notified in writing by the Human Resources Department. This notification will include the eligibility date to reapply which will be no sooner than 30 days from the rejection date.

Hire rate will be based on the applicable certification.

Academy/Unlicensed - $27.96

Entry Basic /Licensed - $29.65

Intermediate - $33.28

Advance - $36.29

Master - $39.57

Job Requirements

  • Age: At least 21 years old
  • Education: GED equivalent plus 12 hours of college; or 2 years of continuous military service; or High school diploma. Basic TCOLE peace officer certification. Knowledge of existing criminal and traffic codes [licensed].
  • Experience: 1-10 year

Contact Information

Johnathan Baird

City of College Station
College Station, Texas 77840
phone: 979-764-3576

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