Denver Police Department - Lateral Police Officer

Denver Police Department (CO) - Denver, Colorado

Jan 14, 2022

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Application Deadline:
Feb 21, 2022

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$76,730 annual
Academy Graduate:
$76,730 annual
Lateral Transfer:
$76,730 annual
Top Pay:
$96,523 annual

Job Description

The City of Denver is looking for top-quality applicants to serve its citizens in the role of a Denver Police Officer. The Denver Police Department is leading the way nationwide in reshaping the role of a Police Officer for the 21st Century. We look for Officers who are community-oriented and strive to collaborate with the community to solve issues for the citizens of Denver. Proactive policing is one of the essential tools to help solve problems within the community before they occur. The key to achieving this is through partnering with the community and effectively communicating with the public.

The Denver Police Department will be hosting a lateral academy starting on June 27th, 2022.

Denver has transformed from a small western city to a major destination because of the highly-desired quality of life it offers to its residents and the millions of people that visit each year. Denver provides the cosmopolitan lifestyle of every major city as well as the majestic Rocky Mountains, which are famous for skiing, snowboarding, and every type of recreational activity you can imagine. Our city has dedicated hiking and biking trails that go on for miles as well any type of public park to include water sports, music venues, and various forms of recreation. When it’s time to relax after taking advantage of the many social activates that Denver offers, there are countless dining options. From exquisite dining to fast-casual cuisine and food truck events, you will never run out of dining opportunities.

Additional Information

The Denver Police Department offers an excellent salary and benefits package for your career as a Denver Police Officer. The Denver Police Department is one of the few police departments that enables you to reach your top patrol officer pay grade in just four years upon graduating from our academy.

Some of the highlighted benefits;

o Competitive rates on health, dental and vision insurance

o Defined Benefit Pension Plan

o All uniforms and most equipment provided at no cost

o New bullet-resistant vest provided every five years

o Yearly uniform allowance

o Majority of the patrol fleet are the new Ford Police Hybrid Utility Interceptors and the Chevy Tahoe PPV

o After completing three years of patrol duties, the opportunity to transfer to many different career options within the department or promote to a supervisory role.

Being a Denver Police Officer on patrol is one of the most rewarding experiences as you navigate through your career as a Denver Police Officer. After your time on patrol, the Denver Police Department offers many different career paths for its officers. You can become a detective, a training officer, motorcycle unit, bomb squad, Special Operations Response Team, and so many other roles that come with the career of a Denver Police Officer. If you choose to take on a supervisory role, you can test to promote to Sergeant, Lieutenant, or become the Commander of a district or specialized unit. The possibilities are endless.

Officers from across the United States come to the Denver Police Department for excellent career opportunities and the lifestyle that Denver has to offer. No matter what your background is, we hope you will join one of the most exceptional and most innovative police departments in the country.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21
  • Education: High School Diploma
  • Experience: Minimum two years of patrol experience since academy graduation date

Lateral Requirements

  • Minimum of two years of patrol experience at the time of application to qualify for lateral status.
  • Receive lateral pay starting day one of the Denver Police Academy
  • Starting Pay: $76,730 annually for 2 to 4 years of patrol experience (PO 2)
  • Starting Pay: $96,523 annually for 4+ years of patrol experience (PO 1)

Contact Information

Anthony Norman

Denver Police Department (CO)
1331 Cherokee St
Denver, Colorado 80204-2720
phone: 720-215-8819

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