Deputy Sheriff Cadet (Detention Officer)

Tarrant County Sheriff's Office - Fort Worth, Texas

Jan 24, 2023

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Application Deadline:
Feb 11, 2023

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$$24.04 hourly

Job Description

Cadets receive academic and on the job training to achieve the required entry-level proficiency to perform basic law enforcement services. Cadets must complete a Basic Peace Officer academy (824 hours – 20.5 weeks) and pass the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Basic Peace Officer licensing examination. Cadets successfully completing the Basic Peace Officer academy and passing the TCOLE licensing exam are eligible for promotion/selection to open entry-level Deputy Sheriff-Operations (Grade 53) positions. May be required to work within the Confinement Division pre- and/or post-academy dependent on staffing needs.


  1. Completes Basic Peace Officer academy (824 hours / 20.5 weeks)
  2. Completes field training
  3. May be required to successfully complete additional law enforcement related training.
  4. May be required to work within the Confinement Division pre- and/or post-academy dependent on staffing needs.
  5. Performs all other related duties as assigned.

Additional Information


High school diploma or GED. Must possess a valid Texas driver license or obtain Texas driver license within thirty (30) days of employment. TCOLE Basic Peace Officer certification required upon completion of Basic Peace Officer Academy; must be 21 years of age at the time of the TCOLE test. Must have the ability to communicate clearly, accurately, concisely orally and in writing; ability to learn and apply laws and procedures required of law enforcement officers; ability to use information technology to write reports, record crime data, find information needed to conduct preliminary investigations, and identify involved person(s); ability to safely operate a motor vehicle under less than favorable conditions; ability to engage in strenuous physical activity required to develop and maintain the necessary conditioning to perform law enforcement activities requiring use of physical force; ability to maintain emotional control and make good decisions when confronted by hostile subjects and when place in stressful circumstances; ability to be truthful in reports and official proceedings and interactions with supervisor, co-workers and citizens. Must be a U.S. citizen.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21
  • Education: High School Diploma or GED.
  • Experience: TCOLE Basic Peace Officer certification required upon completion of Basic Peace Officer Academy


While performing the duties of this position, the incumbent is regularly required to sit, stand, walk, bend, stoop, climb, lift, push and pull. *Must be willing to work overtime, weekends, holidays, rotating shifts, evenings and nights. *

There is exposure to household type cleaning agents (such as diluted bleach, alcohol based window cleaner, chlorine based cleanser); and occasional exposure to pesticides. There is occasional exposure to inmate control devices that emit pepper agents via aerosol spray, gel or foam. There is the potential of exposure to toxic smoke.

SPECIAL ADA PHYSICAL STATEMENT: Applicants must demonstrate distant and near vision of 20/30 corrected or uncorrected in each eye and must be able to read typewritten material with or without glasses. Must be able to see without glasses (with or without the use of contact lenses) in order to wear an air mask; and in order to be able to see to defend themselves and others; applicants with uncorrected vision worse than 20/100 (Snellen) must wear contact lens while working; Must be able to distinguish basic colors (without the use of x-chrome lenses); Must be able to hear the conversational voice, with or without the use of hearing aid. Must be able to lift an approximately 40 lb Self Contained Breathing Apparatus for emergencies during fires; and, must be able to partially lift and drag an average weight person of approximately 185 lbs, a distance of 75 feet for the evacuation of individuals unable to assist themselves during emergencies; Must be able to physically restrain hostile and combative subjects; Must be physically able to participate in defensive tactics training and annual refresher training: Must be able to work any shift; and, Must be able to communicate in clear English during emergencies.

Contact Information

Michael Opdahl

Tarrant County Sheriff's Office
200 Taylor Street Fort Worth, Texas
Fort Worth, Texas 76102
phone: 817-321-4887

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