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Correctional Officer
Snohomish County Sheriff's Office (Jail) - WA - Everett, Washington

Dec 17, 2019

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Dec 31, 2020

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Job Description

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Starting salary will be determined depending on experience.

To monitor, supervise and maintain custody of inmates in the Snohomish County Jail, the residential work release facility and those who are placed into non-custody community corrections programs.

Job Duties


  1. Books inmates into the jail, work release or community corrections programs; conducts interview to determine medical, other special needs, and acceptability to book into facility; assists in entering booking information into the jail computer system; conducts personal (pat downs, strip searches), and property searches; takes fingerprints, and prepare for submission to AFIS, WASIC, and FBI, photographs and other identification data; releases inmates at completion of sentence.
  2. Supervises the activities of inmates within the jail housing areas and their movement from one area to another; supervises and documents food services; supervises inmates in cleanup and maintenance activities; verifies need and makes arrangements for medical and health care; monitors use of prescribed medications; monitors recreational, educational and visitation activities; monitors visits and interviews with authorized persons; answers phone calls and relates information to authorized persons.
  3. When assigned to community corrections checks for outstanding warrants and criminal history using various criminal justice databases; monitors inmates released to and returned from work, education and treatment programs, and outside appointments and visits; verifies that work release inmates and program participants are where they are authorized to be through various forms of documentation, or phone contact; and monitors electronic equipment for inmates on Home Detention and reports all breaches of conditions.
  4. Supervises the preparation of inmates for transportation to courts and other inmate appointments.
  5. Conducts regular security checks; screens and searches visitors; conducts periodic headcounts and searches of inmates and the areas accessible to them to prevent flow of contraband into the facility; administers or arranges for breathalyzer or urinalysis to detect suspected drug or alcohol use; may assist in operating the jail control room.
  6. Instructs inmates on jail rules and procedures; investigates suspected rule violations; takes informal action to correct inmate behavior as appropriate; writes violation reports and submits them to supervisor; participates in inmate disciplinary proceedings as assigned; arranges for transfer of work release inmates returned to the maximum security jail by disciplinary board or other authority and maintains them in secure custody until removed.


  1. Maintains custody and control of inmates when confined to hospitals or other facilities as required; coordinates with various courts to assure that inmates appear as scheduled for trial; processes and maintains required court documents.
  2. Serves on various committees such as, training, safety, classification, wellness, wear and tear, affirmative action, equal employment opportunity, and others.
  3. May be assigned temporary assignment as training officer, or instructor positions.
  4. When assigned to community corrections conducts a thorough orientation which includes explaining program procedures and rules; answers questions and discusses problems related to the jail situation; works with office, program and professional staff to develop appropriate intervention with work release inmates and program participants who are having family, employment or emotional problems.
  5. When assigned to community corrections provides direct one-on-one or group assistance to work release inmates and program participants as needed and provides appropriate assistance through interpersonal skill procedure.
  6. When assigned to community corrections receives, records and maintains court and other documents related to work release inmates and program participants; receives and releases cash to work release inmates; responds to requests for information concerning work release inmates in accordance with office policy.
  7. When assigned to community corrections, assists in the risk/needs assessment of inmates and have input into their case reviews and program placement.
  8. When assigned to community corrections, may provide for the delivery and administration of medications in accordance with RCW 70.48.490.
  9. Performs related duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications


Candidates must have a high school diploma or GED certificate.  Must be a lawful permanent resident or United States citizen.  In addition, candidates for lateral entry Corrections Deputy must have been employed as a full time, paid, corrections officer/deputy in a local, county or state corrections facility for at least 12 of the last 24 months at the time of application, and must provide documented successful completion of a state basic corrections officer academy. Successful completion of an equivalency examination and physical ability test is required within 6 months from the date of hire if the applicant is not already certified in the State of Washington.  Washington State Department of Corrections (WSDOC) employees hired prior to April 1, 2008, do not need to take the equivalency examination; WSDOC employees hired after April 1, 2008, must pass the equivalency examination and the physical ability test.  All candidates must pass job related tests.

++LATERAL ENTRY SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS++       Candidates must successfully pass a criminal history background investigation, a polygraph examination, a psychological evaluation and pre-employment drug screening. A valid Washington State Driver's License, unrestricted except as to vision may be required dependent upon area of assignments. Applicants must be twenty one (21) years old at time of appointment, no maximum age. Ability to acquire First Aid and CPR Certificates is required. Employees may be required to carry firearms and must have the ability to qualify with a firearm on an annual basis.

Additional Information


Knowledge of:

  • defensive and courteous driving rules.
  • effective interpersonal communication techniques

Ability to:

  • acquire a First Aid and CPR Certificate
  • satisfactorily complete required courses of training at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Academy within six (6) months of hire
  • satisfactorily complete firearms training and pass a test of proficiency per collective bargaining agreement
  • learn, understand and interpret work related laws, ordinances, rules and regulations
  • quickly learn applicable federal and state laws and county ordinances and established policies, procedures and practices of the Snohomish County Jail
  • supervise groups of inmates
  • exercise good judgment under stressful circumstances
  • respond effectively in crisis or emergency situations and restrain violent or belligerent inmates
  • communicate effectively with people regardless of age, sex or social, economic or cultural background, including persons with social or behavioral problems, and communicate with inmates in both supportive and confrontive modes
  • accept and respect the individual differences of inmates and respond in a professional manner to their needs without the interference of personal bias
  • access, input and retrieve information from computer and record information correctly and perform clerical tasks related to booking and other clerical aspects of the job
  • understand and follow oral instructions and written procedures and guidelines
  • speak and write with clarity and prepare required reports
  • establish and maintain effective working relationships with criminal justice system officials and staff, other county employees and the general public

++PHYSICAL EFFORT++ The work involves strenuous physical tasks such as restraining belligerent inmates or breaking up fights, or running up flights of stairs to respond to emergencies. Stressful elements of this work are considerable, and include exposure to disagreeable situations involving human conflict, anger, hostility and potential for violence. ++SUPERVISION++ The employee reports to a Corrections Sergeant or Corrections Lieutenant. The work is performed according to established policies and procedures and is reviewed through observation and evaluation of ability to handle a variety of work situations, reports and conferences. Unusual situations are referred to the Sergeant. ++WORKING CONDITIONS++ The work is performed within a maximum security detention facility or within a minimum security and work release facility. Employees work in housing areas and have direct inmate contact. Employees may be required to receive PPD testing semi-annually or as needed. Employees are required to work various shift assignments, to perform all the functions of all shifts in all areas of the jail and to work weekends and holidays, as required. Employees shall be subjected to working mandatory overtime.


  • Applicants must submit an on-line Civil Service application and supplemental questionnaire through Snohomish County's NEOGOV site. ++Snohomish County Job Opportunities++
  • Veterans' scoring criteria will be granted in accordance with RCW 41.04.
  • Applicant's eligibility on the Civil Service eligibility list will be valid for one (1) year.

Snohomish County is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) employer. Accommodations for individuals with disabilities are provided upon request. ++EEO policy and ADA notice++

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Job Requirements

  • Age: 21
  • Education: High School Diploma or GED
  • Experience: 12 months

Contact Informaton

Chris Johnson

Snohomish County Sheriff's Office (Jail) - WA
3000 Rockefeller Ave
Everett, Washington 98201
phone: 425-388-3169

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