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City of Kingsville - KINGSVILLE, Texas

Jun 23, 2022

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Application Deadline:
Aug 9, 2022

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$$20.00 hourly
Lateral Transfer:
$22.39 hourly

Job Description

Thank you for your interest in the Kingsville Police Department. The City of Kingsville Police Department is a civil service department consisting of 50 officers. Information concerning the City’s hiring process is enclosed. Please read the information carefully. Applicants must meet the minimum qualifications, as set forth by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), the Texas Local Government Code Chapter 143 and have not disqualifying events under any of the listed “Reasons for Disqualification”.


The City of Kingsville offers non-certified candidates, selected for employment, law enforcement training. The attached Officer Training Reimbursement Agreement provides for the training of the employee as a peace officer and specifies the consideration that the employee provides the City in return for the training and up to 4 years following completion of approved training. The agreement shall not be construed in any way as an employment agreement that would proffer a property right or interest on the employee or otherwise alter the At-Will nature of the employment relationship. The Agreement stipulates the City will provide training to the employee and the employee’s responsibility to reimburse the City for associated training costs should the employee resign, be dismissed during the probationary period or be terminated.

Applicants are required to completely fill out an application for employment (online) and enclose copies of requested documents to the Human Resource (HR) Office. Also, applicants must keep the HR Office informed of any changes in contact information (address, phone #, etc.) and employment status. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

For any questions, contact HR at 400 W. King Avenue, Kingsville, Texas 78363; Phone (361) 595-8017 Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., e-mail us at hradmin@cityofkingsville.com or visit www.cityofkingsville.com

Additional Information

DUTIES: Under direct supervision, responds to calls and other requests from the public for emergency assistance. Patrols community and assigned areas for any traffic and other types of violations.

HOW TO APPLY: Applications available online, at www.cityofkingsville.com. For more information, contact the HR Office at (361) 595-8017, e-mail hradmin@cityofkingsville.com

PRIOR to taking the written examination applicants must provide copies of the following with completed application:

  • PROOF OF U. S. CITIZENSHIP (Texas Administrative Code, Title 37, Part 7-Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards & - Education (TCOLE) Rule §215.15)





  • DD – 214 (if separated from the U. S. military service)



Entry Level: Must be at least 18-44 years of age at the time of applying. If the applicant is 18– 20 years of age, he/she must have received an associate degree or successfully completed 60 hours in an accredited college or university or 24 months of active-duty service in the armed forces of the United States with an honorable discharge. Applicants who are 45 years of age or older may not be certified for a beginning position as a Police Officer. (Note: Age requirements are subject to Texas Local Government Code Chapter 143.)


High School Diploma


G.E.D. and completion of 12 hours at an institution of higher education with at least a 2.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale,


An honorable discharge from the United States armed forces after at least 24 months of active duty service.


You must have a valid Driver’s License prior to submitting your application for employment.

MILITARY SERVICE POINTS: Candidates with an “Honorable” discharge from U.S. military service are eligible for an additional 5 points added to a passing score of 70% or better on the entry-level exam. All candidates eligible for veteran’s credit must provide proof of military service. A DD–214 must be submitted prior to taking exam to be eligible for points. A “General” discharge “under honorable conditions” does allow applicants to test but no military service points will be awarded.


The application process for a Probationary Police Officer with the City of Kingsville is in six (6) phases. Listed below is a brief overview of each phase. Each phase must be successfully completed to progress to the next phase of the hiring process. The applicant may be disqualified from consideration during any phase.

PHASE 1 WRITTEN EXAMINATION – The written examination used in this process are published by Stanard & Associates, Inc. The following areas will be tested: mathematics, reading comprehension, grammar and incident report writing. Applicants must receive a score of 70% or better to pass the written examination. Note: Military Service Points – eligible applicants receive an additional five (5) points to passing scores of 70% or better.

PHASE 2 PHYSICAL AGILITY TEST - Applicant successfully completing the written examination are required to return for the physical agility test when scheduled. Applicants successfully passing the physical agility test move to Phase 3 of the hiring process.




Age: 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60+

1.5 mile run 15:10 15:52 16:28 17:29 19:15

1 min. push-ups 18 13 9 6 4

1 min. sit-ups 30 26 22 15 10

300 meter run 1:24.2 1:24.2 1:24.2 1:24.2 1:24.2


Age: 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60+

1.5 mile run 17:21 18:00 18:31 19:30 20:04

1 min. push-ups 12 8 2 1 0

1 min. sit-ups 21 15 10 6 1

300 meter run 1:24.2 1:24.2 1:24.2 1:24.2 1:24.2

PHASE 3 BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION – The applicant successfully completing Phase 2 is required to complete a detailed Personal History Statement. The completed statement must be returned to the HR office by the specified date. A thorough background investigation is conducted by the Police Department.

PHASE 4 INTERVIEWS – When a vacancy exists, applicants successfully completing Phase 3 go before an interview board consisting of (4) four to (6) six members.

PHASE 5 PRE-EMPLOYMENT PHYSICAL EXAMINATION – Applicants completing all previous phases are scheduled for a physical examination conducted by a City of Kingsville authorized medical physician when a vacancy occurs in the department.

PHASE 6 PRE-EMPLOYMENT PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION – Applicants successfully completing Phases 1-5 are scheduled for a psychological written and oral examination conducted by a licensed professional when a vacancy occurs in the department.

PLUS, any additional testing required by the City of Kingsville.

An Eligibility list is created from the applicants successfully completing Phases 1 and 2. This list is valid for o ne year after the test date or when the list is exhausted. Whichever occurs first. The list is forwarded to the Police Chief. As vacancies occur, the Police Department reviews applicants on the Eligibility List and coordinates with the Human Resources Department to conduct Phases 3-6. The Police Chief forwards recommendations to the City Manager who has final approval of all police officer appointments.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 18
  • Education: Highschool diploma or GED and completion of 12 hours at an institution of higher education with at least a 2.0 grade point average
  • Experience: none


Any of the following will disqualify an applicant from further consideration at any stage of the hiring process.

  1. Conviction for, being under indictment for, or currently charged with any felony offense.

  2. Conviction for any Class “B” or above misdemeanor offense within the last 10 years preceding the date of application.

  3. Conviction of any family violence offense.

  4. Conviction for driving under the influence (SWI and/or DUI) within 3 years preceding the date of application.

  5. Currently being on probation for any offense. For the purpose of these requirements a person is convicted for an offense with adjudication of guilt on the offense is entered against the person by a court of a competent jurisdiction or a plea of guilt is entered, including situations where:

a. The sentence is subsequently probated, and the person is discharged from probation

b. Deferred adjudication is granted.

  1. Illegal use of any controlled substance or dangerous drug other than marijuana within 2 years preceding the date of application.

  2. Having illegally furnished any controlled substance or dangerous drug to another.

  3. Having excessive record of traffic convictions or negligent traffic collisions within a 3-year period prior to application. This is defined as:

a. 3 or more moving violations;

b. Driver’s license suspension for driving while intoxicated;

c. A series of negligent collisions what would indicate poor driving behavior or habits, whether citations were issued.

  1. Having a history of failing to maintain financial responsibility without extenuating circumstances.

  2. Having been discharged from any military service under less than honorable conditions including, specifically

a. Under other than honorable conditions

b. Bad conduct

c. Dishonorable or

d. Any other characterization of service indicting bad character

  1. Having been rejected as a witness by a criminal prosecutor for Brady violation and/or being placed on a Brady Disclosure list.

  2. Having resigned or been terminated from the Kingsville Police Department within the 24 months preceding the date of application for disciplinary reason, resigning to avoid suspension or discharge for having resigned during a disciplinary investigation without a final judgement being rendered.

  3. Failing to cooperate fully with and keep all scheduled appointments with the Kingsville Police Department personnel involved in the hiring process; failing to provide additional personal information as needed or failing to submit information updates/changes within ten (10) days of notification; refusal to submit, if requested, to a polygraph exam to resolve any conflict which might arise during the hiring process.

Contact Information


City of Kingsville
KINGSVILLE, Texas 78363
phone: 3615958017

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