Leadville Police Department - Leadville, Colorado

May 4, 2021

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Application Deadline:
Aug 1, 2021

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$58,000 annual

Job Description


To provide thorough supervision of sworn supervisors and all other personnel both sworn and non-sworn. Expected to perform duties of subordinates when staffing and/or activity levels dictate, and to Supervise all administrative duties within their respective division. Captains may temporarily serve in the capacity of higher ranks when assigned/authorized. This position is required to effectively manage 2-6 personnel at a minimum. Captains are expected to delegate responsibility, give orders, and maintain discipline within supervisory staffing within the department to effectively meet the goals and needs of the department.


  1. This position requires a minimum of five (5) years active experience as a full-time police officer and experience as a corporal or sergeant and demonstrated advanced knowledge of modern policing principles, methods, and practices. These requirements may be modified or exempted pending prior experience and the needs of the Department.
  2. MUST demonstrate advanced knowledge, skill, and ability in:
    1. Patrol Officer duties including prompt and effective complaint response, community and proactive policing strategies, victimization issues, report writing/documentation, investigations, traffic control, arrest/prisoner processing protocols, and positive interpersonal relations.
    2. Ethical decision making and conduct.
    3. Teaching, mentoring, and coaching Officers, Field Training Officers and Supervisors. This includes Supervision of the Field Training Program.
    4. Meeting Agency or team goals and objectives. This includes setting specific goals for subordinates, Supervisors, and department as position dictates.
    5. Achieving positive working relationships with others, including those who display a different perspective from their own.
    6. Adapting to change in a positive manner.
    7. Proficient knowledge of office systems to include computers, records management system, phone, copier, fax, body and vehicle camera systems.


Duties may include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Perform the duties of subordinates as staffing and activity dictate.
  2. Review/approve police reports, and investigations as assigned. Ensure all reports are turned in complete with the appropriate paperwork.
  3. Draft shift and work schedules for sworn Officers and non-sworn staff.
  4. Ensure Supervisors are holding Officer’s responsible for their duties involving court appearances, traffic, patrol duties, and all other areas within the Officer’s job description.
  5. Coordinate and Supervise City events such as, but not limited to Boom Days, the Leadville Race Series, BBQ Event, Ski Jorining, etc.
  6. Serve as the Agency’s representative or liaison to various boards, committees, meetings, etc. as assigned, or in the Chief’s stead.
  7. Serve as the media liaison as appropriate or assigned.
  8. Conduct yearly performance evaluations of self and subordinates and participate in any peer review processes.
  9. Supervise investigators on citizen or internal complaints and as board member on internal review boards. Supervise or conduct Internal Affairs investigations thoroughly.
  10. Maintain an up to date knowledge of laws, ordinances, case law, and proactive policing practices. Conduct/Supervise briefings and trainings with Officers to ensure up to date knowledge is maintained.
  11. Assist with the development and implementation of Agency’s goals, objectives, strategies, policies, procedures, and priorities.
  12. Maintain a high level of ethical conduct.
  13. Prepare reports or analyses as directed.
  14. Respond and handle calls for service and/or investigations when necessitated by staffing or activity levels.
  15. Assure that Agency’s policies, protocols, procedures, and priorities are followed.
  16. Cooperate with peers, subordinates, and superiors to achieve the Agency’s mission, goals, and objectives.
  17. Serve in an “acting capacity” for higher ranks as directed.
  18. Perform any other related duties as directed or assigned.
  19. Supervise and maintain high standards of possibly multiple sections within the department.
  20. Perform duties in a proactive and professional manner.
  21. At times, possibly outside of the window of scheduled shifts, arrive on scene and supervise incidents or completely take over an incident with the knowledge and experience to resolve it.
  22. Supervise a wide variety of calls for service and/or delegate roles and responsibilities to Sergeant or Officers when necessary.
  23. Schedule, attend, and provide essential training for personnel within the department budget.
  24. Provide coaching/mentorship to Officers and subordinate Supervisors in an effort to better the department as a whole and achieve department standards of operation.
  25. Coordinate with new applicants and staff to complete hiring processes, background investigations and thorough applicant vetting. Also, complete forms and packets in an efficient manner to present to the Chief of Police regarding hiring.
  26. Assist the Chief of Police in preparation of reports, forms, and briefs relating to daily operations, City Council presentations, Mayor and City Manager briefs and ensure effective and efficient daily operations are maintained to prevent Chief intervention in line level matters in which would take away from Chief responsibilities.
  27. Discipline, mediate, intervene, and/or council subordinate supervisors when necessary.

The performance of these functions are considered core responsibilities of a Captain. They may however, become critical under various circumstances.


Work assignments, supervision, and direction comes to this position through the Chief of Police; as well as the Mayor and City Council for the City of Leadville.


The Captain ++must++ also demonstrate:

  1. Ability to read and understand a wide variety of written materials.
  2. Ability to record visual observations and spoken information accurately in writing.
  3. Ability to use proper English grammar, spelling, punctuation in written communication.
  4. Ability to communicate information and instructions factually without personal bias or emotional reaction.
  5. Ability to respond to questions directly with essential facts, analysis, and rationale.
  6. Ability to take appropriate action in crisis, when under stress, and in dangerous or personally unpleasant situations.
  7. Ability to maintain self-control, patience, and persistence in response to possibly hostile individuals and adverse circumstances.
  8. Ability to interact effectively with people from a wide variety of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.
  9. Ability to work cooperatively with fellow officers, and Supervisors to foster teamwork within the Department.
  10. Ability to display interest in, concern for, and consideration of the needs and feelings of others.
  11. Ability and willingness to speak and interact with members of the community in a non-threatening manner.
  12. Ability to show assertiveness, firmness, and self-confidence when appropriate.
  13. Willingness to hold self-accountable for actions and decisions.
  14. Willingness and ability to follow lawful orders, rules, regulations, and procedures.
  15. Willingness and ability to resist using authority of position for personal gratification or gain.
  16. Ability to maintain dependable work habits, such as reporting for duty on time.
  17. Ability to withstand pressure from others and stick by decisions or courses of action which are judged to be proper and appropriate.
  18. Willingness and ability to admit mistakes and deficiencies and take corrective steps to remedy them.
  19. Ability to maintain alertness despite boredom, repetitive activity, or long periods of inactivity.
  20. Willingness to put in extra effort to acquire new knowledge or skills or to remedy performance deficiencies.
  21. Willingness to persist and maintain diligence in fulfilling routine, tedious, difficult or unpleasant assignments.
  22. Willingness and ability to complete necessary work steps and assigned tasks independently with little prompting or intervention.
  23. Ability to apply physical force in quick bursts or short durations (i.e. moving over tall obstacles or gaining a forced entry).
  24. Ability to resist overall fatigue while carrying out activities that involve large muscles of the body (i.e. running or swimming for significant periods of time).
  25. Ability to flex or extend body limbs for work in awkward or contorted positions (i.e. climbing through windows/openings).
  26. Ability to synchronize movements of arms, legs and the body precisely for skilled action (i.e. self-defense, physical restraining maneuvers).
  27. Ability to coordinate various parts of the body to achieve a precise movement (i.e. firearms proficiency, tool manipulation).
  28. MUST be able to work within the confidentiality guidelines of the city and department.

Additional Information


This is heavy work requiring the exertion of 100-pounds of force occasionally, up to 50-pounds of force frequently, and up to 20-pounds of force constantly to move objects. And possibly more depending on job function or special circumstances.

Work requires climbing, balancing, stooping, kneeling, crouching, crawling, reaching, standing, walking, pushing, pulling, lifting, grasping, feeling, and repetitive motions.

Vocal communication is required for expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the spoken word, and conveying detailed or important instructions to others accurately, loudly, or quickly; hearing is required to perceive information at normal spoken word levels, and to receive detailed information through oral communications and/or to make fine distinctions in sound.

Visual acuity is required for depth perception, color perception, night vision, peripheral vision, preparing and analyzing written or computer data, visual inspection involving small defects and/or small parts, use of measuring devices assembly or fabrication of parts at or within arm’s length, operation of machines, operation of motor vehicles or equipment, determining the accuracy and observing general surroundings and activities.

Must be able to work inside and in outside environmental conditions; to include extreme cold, icy and snowy conditions, noise, hazards, and atmospheric conditions. May be exposed to blood borne pathogens and may be required to wear specialized personal protective equipment.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21
  • Education: High School Diploma
  • Experience: 5 years with experience in a supervisor role

· Must have a high school diploma

· Must be POST certified

· Must have a valid Colorado Driver’s License

· Must successfully pass criminal, personal, psychological, physical evals and checks.

Contact Information

Kenton Tell

Leadville Police Department
800 Harrison Ave
Leadville, Colorado 80461-3564
phone: 7194277008

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