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Is My Driving Safe - Lutz, Florida

Jan 13, 2021

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Application Deadline:
Feb 2, 2022

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$40 hourly
Academy Graduate:
$40 hourly
Lateral Transfer:
$40 hourly
Top Pay:
$40 hourly

Job Description

Is My Driving Safe Inc. IMDS is a driver monitoring service that videotapes trucking companies driving behaviors secretly and randomly. IMDS hires Credible monitors to follow behind specific companies and videotape monitor their drivers in an inconspicuous way. We have over 100 monitors currently performing the observations all across the USA. We are now performing 3rd party DOT inspections. You can apply for Both or individually. E-mail for more info

Additional Information

Perform observations "Reports" per customer based on customer matrix, no minimums or quota's. As the customer base grows, the ability to perform additional reports and earn additional money increases. Part-time off-duty or retired officers needed for short surveillance of long-haul trucks of major nationwide trucking companies. Complete 1-Sheet Observation Reports consist of speeding, erratic lane changes, and following too close. Conduct observations for a period of 5 miles and 5 minutes anyday/anytime, Write up the report, insert into our website @ The schedule is anytime you’re available. Your not on the clock or out on assignments, it could be on your way to work, or cross country to visit relatives, or if you feel like going out when you’re off duty. Easy and flexible for any schedule. Need video camera and a speed verification device.

$40 an hour - follow for 5 minutes. you will see one of our customers every 5 minutes so you will do around 6 an hour x $8 for written report is =$48 an hour and we pay an extra $10 per report for video. (Video is not always needed for all customers)

Job Requirements

  • Age: Over 21
  • Education: Traffic Training
  • Experience: Traffic Training

Law Enforcement Traffic, experience Video Camera GPS Device)/ Speed verification Device

Own A Car, Vehicle Insurance, Web access ((Please e-mail Resume to

Contact Informaton

Ryan McDonald

Is My Driving Safe
303 W Chapman Ave
Lutz, Florida 33548
phone: 8135414594

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