Police Officer

Marion Police Department - Marion, Iowa

Aug 5, 2022

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Sep 16, 2022

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$$56,555 annual

Job Description

Police officers perform the line function of the police department including a wide variety of duties involving the enforcement of laws and prevention of crimes. Provides support and assistance to special crime prevention and law enforcement programs. Performs a variety of technical and administrative tasks in support of law enforcement services and activities.

· Patrol designated areas of the City of Marion by car, foot or other means to preserve law and order, discover and prevent the commission of crimes and enforce traffic as well as other laws and ordinances; protect real and personal property by providing security checks of residential, business and public premises; maintain awareness of and remains alert for wanted suspects, known criminals, stolen vehicles, missing persons, traffic violators and crimes in progress; issue warnings and citations and makes arrests.

· Respond to calls for the protection of life and property, the enforcement of laws and ordinances, general public service and complaints including those involving automobile accidents, traffic hazards, misdemeanor and felony incidents, domestic disturbances, property control, civil complaints and related incidents; investigate complaints and take appropriate action, which may include the use of deadly or non-deadly force; use sound judgment under adverse, stressful conditions.

· Conduct investigations at incident scenes; determine what, if any, crime has been committed; identify, collect, preserve, process and book evidence; locate and interview victims and witnesses; identify and interrogate suspects.

· Work in partnership with the County Attorney’s Office to obtain and file criminal complaints on arrested subjects.

· Prepare and serve search and arrest warrants; apprehend and arrest offenders for crimes committed under federal, state and local laws and codes; control and mitigate people under the influence of drugs or alcohol or other potentially hostile situations.

· Serve as liaison and public relations officer to the public; establish and preserve good relationships with the general public; answer questions from the public concerning local and state laws, procedures and activities of the department; make presentations before a variety of public groups to promote crime prevention activities and to enhance public understanding of police activities.

· Contact and cooperate with other law enforcement agencies in matters relating to the apprehension of offenders and the investigation of offenses; may respond to requests for assistance from agencies outside the city for mutual aid in the suppression of civil disturbances, apprehension of criminals or other related requests.

· Participate in continuous training to enhance law enforcement skills including firearms proficiency, defensive driving skills, apprehension and arrest techniques, investigative skills and general law enforcement skills.

· Perform a variety of administrative and other types of duties in support of law enforcement services, programs, and activities; attend meetings; maintain and calibrate specialized equipment and devices.

· Initiate and complete reports, legal documents and other required paperwork; prepare a variety of reports including those on activities, operations, arrests made and incidents observed; prepare investigative reports and case information.

· Testify in courts and at hearings; prepare and present case evidence; respond to mandatory court calls during irregular hours.

· Direct traffic at fires, special events and other emergency situations; provide traffic and crowd control at events; provide security at City Council meetings and other city functions as needed.

· Enforce parking regulations, issue citations and tow vehicles that are in violation of codes.

· When assigned as a field training officer, train new police officers, document trainee progress and prepare evaluations.

· When assigned as school resource officer, serve as a law enforcement officer, law related counselor and law related instructor at assigned school; create a positive role model for students; serve as liaison between students and law enforcement; investigate crimes that occur within the school and on school property; provide information and assistance to school staff and administration, parents and students regarding law enforcement and community problems; make group presentations; attend committee meetings; maintain program statistics and reports.

· Communicate effectively over law enforcement radio channels and technological devices while initiating and responding to radio communications.

· Receive, review and analyze reports and case information on law enforcement activities requiring special and detailed investigations.

· Coordinate and conduct complete and detailed investigations of crimes involving juveniles and adults, crimes against persons and property including child and elder abuse claims, homicides, rape and assaults with deadly weapons and crimes involving vice, gaming and narcotics violations; follow cases from reporting, to arrest, to prosecution.

· Contact, interview and interrogate victims, complainants, witnesses, suspects and others involved in cases and incidents; obtain statements, documents and factual and physical evidence.

· Collect, preserve, maintain and book evidence and recovered property found that is involved with suspected crimes.

· Hold stakeouts, perform undercover activities, conduct surveillance activities and other observation assignments.

· Prepare investigative reports and case information; recommend disposition of cases with legal authorities.

· Review information and evidence obtained for presentation in court cases; testify in court concerning evidence and facts gathered during the investigative process.

· Remain on-call during stipulated time periods to respond to incidents that could require major investigative follow-up and criminal identification work at the scene of the incident.

· Perform related duties as required.

Additional Information

· Knowledge of the geographies of the City of Marion and surrounding areas.

· Knowledge of criminal and traffic laws and ordinances and their proper application.

· Knowledge of police department policies, rules and regulations.

· Knowledge of criminal court procedures.

· Knowledge of social service agencies and the services they provide.

· Ability to write clear and comprehensive reports.

· Ability to obtain information through observations, interviews and interrogations.

· Ability to detect or be aware of different odors to assist in establishing probable cause in law violations such as driving while under the influence of alcohol.

· Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow employees and the general public.

· Ability to understand and execute oral and written directions.

· Skill in the care and safe use of firearms.

· Skill in traffic direction.

· Skill in defensive and pursuit driving techniques.

Skill in the use of control and self-defense police tools.

Job Requirements

  • Age: 18 and older
  • Education: High school diploma
  • Experience: None required

High school diploma required, AA degree preferred. Successful completion of probationary period (one year) required. Candidate must have valid Iowa driver’s license.

24/7 on-call commitment

May be assigned to patrol or investigative functions

Sex Offender Registry

Criminal Background Check

Drug Screening

Driving Record

Credit Check

Pre-Employment Physical


Contact Information

Anne Kroll

Marion Police Department
6315 Highway 151
Marion, Iowa 52302
phone: 319-200-7727

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