Police Officer

Milton Police Department - Milton, Georgia

Sep 22, 2022

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Application Deadline:
Dec 31, 2022

Salary Information

Entry Level:
$$53,893 annual

Job Description

Milton Police Department is seeking qualified candidates to join our top of the line agency. Duties include, but are not limited to:

Patrols a designated area of the City during an assigned shift, in order to preserve order, to prevent and discover the commission of crimes, to manage conflict, to solve problems and to enforce traffic regulations. Responds to calls and complaints regarding traffic accidents, domestic situations, robberies, fires, disturbances and other potential police related issues.

Directs traffic; serves warrants; makes arrests and processes prisoners which may involve the use of reasonable physical force or control.

Conducts preliminary law enforcement investigation at the scenes of crimes and/or accidents. Gathers evidence, locates and questions witnesses and provide aid and support to victims.

Detains, apprehends, and arrests, criminal suspects and law violators when necessary; follows proper procedures when making arrests; transports arrestees to detention centers and oversees booking.

Investigates vehicle accidents, including hit and run accidents. Determines if criminal negligence is involved and make arrests or write citations as required.

Investigates complaints involving juveniles, reports of child neglect and persons reported to be contributing to the delinquency of minors. Discusses law enforcement problems with juveniles and parents to determine effective courses of action. Refers juveniles to other authorities when appropriate.

Maintains the peace through the mediation of disputes individuals or groups. Maintains effective communication with both individuals and groups within the community.

Prepares detailed reports related to assignment.

Performs related work as required.

Additional Information

*Competitive Benefits *

• Career Development Program

with Pay Incentives

• Take Home Car Program

(within 25 miles of the city)

• Tuition Reimbursement ($3,000/yr)

• Annual Education Stipend

($1,000 AA, $2,000 BA, $3,000 MA)

• Cutting Edge Technology

and Uniforms & Equipment

(including handgun with tactical light, patrol rifle,

taser, radio, flashlight, body armor, baton)

• Range Membership

• Generous Holiday & PTO leave

• 12-hour shifts

• Sign on bonus - $4,000 (Certified)

$2,000 after completion of FTO and

$2,000 after probation.


Compensation Holiday Pay Total

Uncertified - $53,893 $2,487 $56,380

2+ Years Exp. - $56,048 $2,586 $58,634

3+ Years Exp. - $57,746 $2,665 $ 60,411

4+ Years Exp. - $59,496 $2,745 $62,241

5+ Years Exp. - 61,299 $2,829 $64,128

Job Requirements

  • Age: 21+
  • Education: High School Diploma or GED minimum. College Preferred.
  • Experience: No prior experience required

• United States citizen

• Minimum age of 21

• Valid driver’s license and satisfactory MVR

• High School diploma or GED equivalent;

Bachelor degree preferred

• No significant arrest history

• Ability to meet physical & psychological

demands of the position

Contact Information

Chad West

Milton Police Department
Milton, Georgia 30004
phone: 678-242-2527

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